3 Times Meghan Channeled Diana


There was a lot of uproar when Prince Harry’s engagement to Meghan Markle was made public. People weren’t used to the Royal Family marrying outside the royal circles, however Prince William had already made it seem not so weird after getting hitched to Kate years before. Harry pairing up with Meghan was however more controversial given that Meghan isn’t British, let alone European. Meghan’s career before becoming a royal was also up for a lot of debate.

In short, most people didn’t think she was really up to being a Royal, that she would end up flopping all the way, unable to follow all the rules that the British Royal family live by. So far, she’s proving her critics wrong. She’s every bit the Duchess of Sussex, even as she continues fighting for everything she believes in. Stylewise, she has managed to rock those dress coats and hats that seem to be a necessary staple for royal ladies flawlessly. Even more exciting, some of her looks seem to draw inspiration from her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana.

While trends have dramatically changed since the time when Princess Diana used to be a style icon, Meghan has been seen wearing outfits that bring the late Princess to mind. Below are 3 times when Meghan channeled Diana.

1. Button-down Dress

One eerily similar outfit that both Meghan and Diana wore was a button-down dress. Both cream colored, with a belt at the waist and double rows of buttons down the front. The only big difference is that Diana wore a hat as part of her outfit. On another occasion, Meghan wore a striped button-down dress to the Commonwealth Youth Forum that was very similar to the one Diana wore in 1988 while on tour in Australia.

2. Black and White Outfit

In 1985, Princess Diana wore a black and white dress with a matching hat to the Royal Ascot horse race. Three decades later and Meghan wore an outfit in the same colors to the same event in June 2018.
Mostly, the female members of the royal family are always seen in dresses with long overcoats and rarely in pants. However, Diana did not shy away from rocking a pant suit, and pulled off a white and black pant suit quite well. Following in her footsteps, Meghan has also been spotted wearing a well-fitting black and white pant suit.

3. Off-shoulder Dress

It’s not a secret that the royal family has rules that they live by, which was why Meghan caused a stir when she wore an off-the-shoulder gown to Trooping The Colour. Without a coat on, as is always seen with the female members of the royal family. However, it happens that she wasn’t breaking any protocol as Princess Diana wore a similar pink dress in 1987.
There has been several more incidences when Meghan has channeled Diana, for instance wearing the Tartan while visiting Scotland, and also keeping it casual with a white shirt and jeans. It’s impossible for her to escape comparison with her iconic late mother-in-law, and so far she’s doing very well.