Fun facts about diamond rings

Diamond rings are one of the most famous jewels to adorn expensive jewelry in the world and have, in previous years, been dubbed ‘a girl’s best friend,’ aside from chocolate. However, aside from the fact they’re sparkly, no-one really understands why, so what made diamonds so popular and why?

Deep set in Roman and Greek mythology

Much of the modern world can find roots in Roman and Greek times, such as ancient buildings and roads. Diamonds are no exception. The ancient Romans and Greeks have been said to believe that diamonds were tears of their gods, like some ecclesiastical creation, or the splintered debris from falling stars. While these are somewhat romantic theories, they weren’t quite right. The word ‘diamond’ is supposedly derived from the Greek word ‘adamas’ which was used as an adjective to describe it as the hardest known substance. It soon became synonymous with ‘diamond.’ In other words, it was believed to be indestructible.

Fun facts about diamond rings

They are ‘rock’ solid

Diamonds are supposedly 58 times harder than any other natural substance, and it’s been said that the only other natural substance that can crack a diamond, is another diamond. So don’t worry about somehow damaging any precious diamonds you do own, it would be quite tough to do. It’s also good to know that a diamond ‘carat’ is different from a gold ‘carat,’ as it measures how much it weighs as opposed to the purity of the substance.

Diamonds are billions of years old

There have even been cases where they have been older than three billion years old, which is kind of crazy. Diamonds are made out of pure carbon, which is similar to the graphite in a pencil, although it has been subject to immense pressure and heat over time and cannot be created without these critical processes. There is a good reason why they are a precious gem after all.

They can disappear

Diamonds are known for withstanding immense heat, but there have been people who wanted to push the boundaries to find out what will happen when pushed to its limit. Apparently, if you burn a diamond at over 1405 degrees Fahrenheit, it will burn away into a carbon dioxide smoke. So, just like that, they can burn away into a puff of smoke. Seems surreal, we don’t recommend trying it at home, folks.

Scientists can create synthetic diamonds

With how coveted diamonds are, it makes sense that someone would find a way to replicate them. Scientists have found a way to create synthetic diamonds, with precisely the same chemical make-up, in only four days. This makes them billions of years younger than their natural-grown cousins.

Fun facts about diamond rings

Impurities give diamonds a different color

The most common diamond ring, and diamond rings in general, are known to be of a pure, whitish color. However, impurities within diamonds can give them a different hue, sometimes making them more sought after than the purer gem. The most sought after colors include bright green, pink and blue, although they can be found in a variety of colors.

The next time you look at your diamond ring, you’ll now know a fun fact. While diamonds are incredibly expensive, it’s been said that they don’t have excellent resale value, meaning that these rings are more about love than money.