How to make hair shine like in the shampoo commercials

Every woman wishes to have long, silky and shiny locks. The strength and softness of hair determine its health. Chemical treatments aren’t ideal for the hair since they can cause hair breakage and loss. If you’d like to make your hair shinier and healthier like in the shampoo commercials, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve consulted professional hair experts, and they’ve given us their views on how to make hair shine like in the shampoo commercials. Follow these simple treatments to make your hair healthy and glossy.

How to make hair shine like in the shampoo commercials

Flat iron your hair

Straight hair looks extra-glossy when it meets the light. Dermatologist Jeannette Graf says this incandescent effect isn’t an illusion. Flat-ironing proves helpful in ruffling hair cuticles lie flat to create a wide surface area for reflecting light. Avoid frying your strands – iron bone-dry hair through a gliding motion and protect against excessive heat using ceramic plates.

Add contrast

Dark and light locks appear shinier to the eye compared to those that highlight a flat field of one shade. If you have a dark base, your colorist should apply thin ribbons of a lighter tinge. On the other hand, consider low-lights if you have blonde hair. This treatment process delivers subtle tones that shine like those in the shampoo commercial.

Wash wisely

All strands aren’t created equal, which means there is a need to wash, rinse and repeat thoroughly. Lighter hair reads shiniest when it’s cleanest, but it tends to be porous and vulnerable to buildup. Those of us with dark or brunette auburn strands can look their glossiest with proper conditioning.

Minimize heat styling

Heat styling is likely to wear away the cuticles of your hair. Hence, it can make it frizzy, dry, and more susceptible to breakage. Hair stylists recommend giving your blow-dryer a rest in favor of air-drying once or twice a week. There are specific ways you can air-dry your strands to look awesome.

How to make hair shine like in the shampoo commercials

Use a cuticle sealer

Cuticle sealers have more or less functionality as the flatiron. Sealing the cuticle of your hair makes it look smoother and shinier than ever. Look for products that resist such things as frizz and flyaway-causing clamminess. Such products have a waterproof formula that cloaks each hair strand perfectly and lasts up to three shampoos.

Moisturize Your Hair

Drinking a lot of water every day helps keep your body hydrated. Approximately 25% of the hair is composed of water. Not only does water provide energy to the hair cells but also facilitate new hair growth. Staying hydrated also flushes away the unwanted toxins in your body and allows for a healthy glow of hair. Try to take at least eight glasses of water a day. Dehydration can cause hair breakage and loss.

Use the right shampoo

You are advised to use a shampoo that includes a gentle cleanser to help remove the dirt and other impurities from hair without stripping your strands of the much-needed moisture. A good shampoo can maintain a glossy sheen. Celebrity hair stylists recommend shampoos with moisture-boosting ingredients, free of sulfates, and include keratin for rebuilding the hair shaft.