Mellow yellow: Is yellow becoming the new summer trend?

The sunny side of the spectrum has been wrongfully reviled in the fashion and home decor industries for years. But with summer around the corner and the need for some a new take on old trends, can yellow finally enter its golden age?

If you’re the kind of person who likes to keep up with the latest fashion trends and like to fill your house with all kinds of cool and quirky pieces of furniture (or, at least, you like to think you do), you’ll know that yellow has always been the kind of color to avoid. It’s been seen as garish, loud and completely inappropriate for most of the year. After all, who wants to be surrounded with yellow walls when it’s as grey as anything outside? That’s enough to cry. Yet, there are some people who believe that yellow has been sitting in the dark for too long, and is ready to come out and shine once more…

It can boost your mood

Although we hate to see the color yellow mocking us when it’s cold and rainy outside, being surrounded by the color yellow within our clothing and our interior design is enough to make us shriek with happiness in the summer. It fills us with positive vibes, it makes us feel optimistic, and it makes us feel even happier about our home and our appearance. What could be better than that?

Mellow yellow: Is yellow becoming the new summer trend?

It brings out the best in other colors

Despite the fact that many fashion and interior designers pass the color yellow off as a dud color, they can’t deny that yellow is incredibly complementary to other colors. It brings out the brightness of blues, greens, grey and even black – which is why many interior designers choose statement pieces to bring out the quality of the room. So, why not purchase a yellow table to make your grey walls pop? In the world of fashion, this yellow is also being used in accessories such as purses, scarves, bags and even jewelry, and it’s a definite summer statement.

It’s incredibly versatile

When you think of the color yellow, there’s a high chance that you think of a bright and garish yellow that is normally as bright as the sun. However, that’s not all the color yellow has got going for it. Soft hues of yellow can often make your room look even bigger than it is, and it’s even possible to make the yellow stylish with stripes, patterns and more. There’s so much to play with! This also works with clothing. You might not want to wear a bright yellow jacket, but a soft golden cardigan may be right up your street.

Mellow yellow: Is yellow becoming the new summer trend?

It makes a statement

You might be sarcastically thinking, “Ooh, yellow for summer, how new and exciting” with the upturned nose of Miranda Priestley in your mind – but choosing yellow to wear during the summer months is no longer classed as cliche. Instead, wearing yellow will make a statement. It will show the world that you’re not afraid of standing out, and you’re not afraid of taking something that was once retro and once considered vulgar to new heights. As long as you can rock it, you can wear any color you want!

So, what’s your opinion on yellow? Is it still garish and uncomfortable? Is it a mellow yellow? Has it reached its golden age of success? Well, it seems that this year, more and more fashion and interior designers are making a statement with all kinds of shades of this bright color, and incorporating a little happiness into our lives…