Street style boards you should follow on pinterest

The internet, and specifically Pinterest, is a fantastic place to lose yourself. With inspiration around every corner, if you’re ever at a loss and need some ideas – this the place to go. Street style everywhere, of course it is, because it came from everywhere. Street fashion originated from the streets rather than the runway, with everyday people influencing the fashion industry from the grassroots up. It is an incredibly effective way of molding and changing perceptions, for example, skinny jeans previously being a punk fashion item, which has now become a generic and popular fashion choice for anyone.

These guys on Pinterest have everything that you may need for your street-style inspiration, and they will help you to keep up with all the latest trends. So here they are without further introduction:

Adam Gallagher

Adam Gallagher has boards on a variety of things, but he keeps up to date with his men’s fashion blog. If you’re interested in what the runway views as street fashion, then Gallagher has you covered. Street fashion is diverse, which means you’ll expect no less in your inspiration. This fashion influencer has a variety of styled boards from beanie fashion to neutrals, but if you’re interested in keeping up with the fashion industry, then these boards are a well-structured way of doing this.

Street style boards you should follow on pinterest

Lauren Santo Domingo’s ‘Street Style’

Just typing in Lauren’s name will raise a variety of gorgeous p-inspirational ideas; all you need to is a simple search. She even includes her wardrobe inspiration on her board, showing you exactly what her interests are and how she does it. She even includes a dedicated street-style board that is dedicated to cool styles, rather than her personal wardrobe also.

Emily Schuman

Emily Shuman has a variety of boards you may be interested in if you love a bit of street-style inspo. Shuman is based in San Francisco and her board named ‘clothes’ has a whole bunch of gorgeous idea, from super chic and stylish to cozy winter fashion ideas. She favors shiny trousers and boots, but there is plenty more where that came from if that’s not entirely for you.

Street style boards you should follow on pinterest

Nina Garcia

Nina Garcia’s ‘Style is on the street’s Pinterest board is everything you need if you’re looking for chic street style. Garcia is Maria Claire’s fashion director and a judge on Project Runway. This is the place to look if you’re after hot street fashion ideas straight from the fashionista’s Pinterest account. It’s as good as it gets, it’s hard to get a higher profile ‘street-style’ board than this.

Pinterest is a successful platform for a reason, as fashion has never been so accessible to the public, especially when it comes to street style. All these boards have a unique theme and style to them, but there are a lot more that can be found, all you need to do is search for ‘street-style,’ and you’ll soon work out which style you favor. You could even make your own to look back on.