Top 5 fall nail polish colors

Embracing the fast-growing nail culture and trends is a great way to go the extra mile when it comes to beauty and fashion. It seeks to capture elegance, beauty, and boldness; more often than not, making a statement when it marvelously befits the outfit that the lady has on. Trying to figure out what nail polish you should choose for fall? Here are the best picks for you – and they are cost-friendly, too.

Blue chrome

Blue chrome nail polish is the first nail polish that comes to mind when you want to rock a glamorous furry coat. This elegant polish comes in several shades to suit your preference. You can choose to use silver or metallic blue chrome to get that fabulous look just right. This color creates an elegant mirror effect that dazzles and glimmers.

Deep red

The next glamorous nail polish color that is just right for fall is deep blood red. This nail polish uniquely displays confidence and boldness. You can rock this polish on a hot date during fall with a fantastic long or short sleeved coat. You can also consider applying dark red lip gloss to match the overall look. This shade of nail polish is fantastic for red carpet events or romantic dinners. Why not try the look if you want to make a bold statement?


Another terrific nail polish color that you may want to try out during fall is holographic silver. This nice color looks like tiny rainbows on the nails. Just as the name suggests, its glossy silver in nature, and its rainbow effect makes it look bright and fashionable. This shade looks gorgeous when rocked with a grey furry coat and an elegant dress with boots. The ultimate fashion for fall – you are sorted out for the cold weather and still look glamorous!

Smoky teal

Smoky teal, the color that was predicted to be the trend this fall, is a unique and luxurious color that you should definitely try out. The smoky teal is a combination of two colors – the “smokey,” which is the gray in the polish, and the teal, which brings in the combination of green and blue. It is a marvelous shade to use for that casual office look or a nice lunch meeting with friends.

Opaque neutral

Another one of the great nail colors to try out on your nails this fall is the opaque neutral shade. This nail polish is among the top picks for fall owing to its fantastic touch and marvelous look. It’s a classy way to do your nails for any occasion, without being too bright or colorful. The color makes the nails look glassy and elegant, especially when out for dinner with friends. A similar shade of lip gloss makes it even more fantastic; bringing out the innocent look.

There are several shades of nail polish to work with during fall. These five are definitely worth considering to glam up your look, since they bring the edginess with any outfit. Go the extra mile with your make-up and embrace the nail polish culture. Try out something new and fashionable this fall.