People who live out of their suitcase in their 20s have these things in common

Being in your twenties is the perfect time to make the most of life. Whether you’re visiting friends, traveling the world or you just love being out of the house, there are so many reasons to live out of a suitcase. Those of us that do are bound by certain similarities – twelve to be exact – that sums up exactly who we are.

Traveling is life

Wanderlust is a real thing, and you have it. It’s not that you don’t like settling down, but there are too many places to explore. You’re already thinking about where to go next before you’ve even touched down in your current destination.

People who live out of their suitcase in their 20s have these things in common

Planning is everything

Living a hectic life of traveling would be impossible without a plan in place. It might not be the neatest thing in the world, but chances are there’s a planner in your suitcase wherever you go. It might feel like an effort to keep writing in it, but you’d be nothing without it.

You know your food

You know where to go for food. With so much variety around the world, sampling the local cuisine is a must, and you always do your research in advance. You can probably suggest somewhere that’s a great place to eat better than some of the locals.

Unpacking is hell

The way that other people feel about packing is how you feel about unpacking. When you’re constantly on the go, there’s no point taking anything out of your suitcase that you’re not about to use. Why go to the effort of making sure everything fits in perfectly if you’re just going to take it all out again?

Tricks of the trade

Making the most of your suitcase is your expertise. Amateurs watch on in shock as you utilize the tricks that you’ve picked up on your travels – sticking things in shoes, rolling up shirts, etc. Your suitcase is your home now, so you know how to decorate it efficiently.

All about simplicity

You may know how to pack effectively, but you’re no magician. The space available in your suitcase is all you have to work with, which means cutting down on what you wear. You’ve probably learned how to make 101 combinations out of the same clothes… maybe you are a magician.

Spontaneity is key

You can’t live out of a suitcase if you’re not spontaneous. Never unpacking allows you to always be free just to get up and go whenever the mood takes you, even if your bank balance says no. You might be a little bit unpredictable, but the best people are.

People who live out of their suitcase in their 20s have these things in common

Travel-sized traveler

Packing light is a necessity, so you downsize wherever possible. You’ve got the travel-sized version of everything. Well, almost everything.

Minimalist at heart

You don’t get very far around the world if you can’t leave behind some of your favorite possessions. It may have been hard to deal with at first, but by now you’ve probably forgotten what it was like to live with all that stuff. Your home life must seem so luxurious now.

Friends are everywhere

When you’re traveling all over, it’s hard not to meet new people along the way. Having connections around the world is always a benefit if you’re ever in the area again, and you might even find yourself with a new travel buddy.

Laziness happens

Being well-traveled doesn’t mean you’re not lazy, it just means that you’re good at going other places to be it. Even if you’re living out of your meticulously organized suitcase, you won’t necessarily put things back in it neatly once you’ve used them. They probably just sit in a pile on the floor until you’re ready to move again.

You’ve got the bag

It’s no surprise that someone who lives out of a suitcase has one of the best models they can get their hands on. You know what features are vital for traveling and are willing to spend a little more to get exactly what you want. After all, you spend more money on the things you’ll get the most use out of.

If you ever cross paths with someone displaying these traits then chances are you’ve met a fellow traveler. Why not strike up a conversation and you might find yourself with someone new to venture around the world with.