Tips for getting along with your boss

Work-life is stressful enough by itself but sometimes we have to deal with a difficult boss as well. We spend more time at the office than anywhere else, so it’s important to keep a good relationship with our superiors. So here are some easy ways to remain in your boss’ good books.

1. Understand that they are human too

This is really difficult when you are at odds with your boss, but it’s important to empathize and understand them to get along with them. Just like us, our bosses have good and bad days too. If they are a little harsh on you today, don’t take it to heart and let it ruin tomorrow. They are dealing with the same problems you do whether it is huge workloads or a stressful company atmosphere. Don’t take every critique to heart because your boss is not perfect and sometimes they can say hurtful things that they perhaps did not mean.

Tips for getting along with your boss

2. Keep doing your best work

If your boss is particularly critical of you, don’t let the stress affect your work. Sometimes it feels like your boss is waiting for you to mess up and this makes you anxious which can affect your work. Try to always do your best work even if you know your boss will find flaws in it. If you just keep your head down and keep your work ethic up, eventually someone will notice your efforts.

3. Be honest with them

Sometimes in a high-stress and quick-moving environment, your boss does not take the time to consider your feelings. Perhaps they did not even notice that they had upset you in the first place. Calmly and logically express your issues with your boss in a respectful manner. Try not to blame them. Set up the talk as being around improvement rather than just blame. Best case scenario is that your boss will understand where you are coming from and correct the issue. At worst, nothing will change but at least you will have expressed your feelings and know that you have done as much as you can.

4. Talk to your co-workers

We definitely don’t mean for you to gossip about your boss. This could be seen as unprofessional. We are rather advising that you ask people who are under the same boss how they deal with issues that arise. If you are new to a company, this is especially helpful as you may know what to avoid before any interactions with the boss. Your coworkers may even understand where you are coming from and help you when you need it.

Tips for getting along with your boss

5. Approach your boss before they approach you

Don’t wait for your boss to point out your mistakes. Rather approach them, admit your mistake, and ask them how to fix it. This shows that you take responsibility for your actions and are now willing to change work that you are not proud of. Your boss may be more forgiving if you take the initiative and try to fix the situation before it gets worse. They may not have even noticed the mistake but once you point it out, you will look more thorough and efficient in your work. It also allows you to choose a time and place that is more private and not in front of your co-workers.