Celebrities who have unusual habits they can’t shake

Celebrities who have unusual habits they can’t shake

There’s often an assumption that celebrities aren’t like everyone else because they’re so rich and famous. However, popularity and wealth don’t change the fact that they’re still human at the end of the day. Case in point, these celebrities have bad habits just like the rest of us, and some of them are pretty unpleasant.

[post_page_title]Brad Pitt doesn’t like bathing[/post_page_title]

As a leading man who’s stunned in dozens of films, Brad Pitt is definitely someone who a lot of people would love to get close to. However, that might be something they’d come to regret judging by his reported cleaning habits.

Brad Pitt doesn’t like bathing

Not only does the actor allegedly skip bathing himself for weeks at a time, but he also uses wet wipes to keep himself fresh. Is that really an adequate alternative to taking a shower?

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