Why celebrities wear shoes that are too big at the red carpet

Celebs on the red carpet get the whole world talking. What will they be wearing? Who designed their outfits? These are all questions we can’t help but wonder as they show us how to pull off the latest styles – and maybe even set some of their own. So how have celebrities set the trend to wear shoes that are too big at the red carpet? It’s time to slip off the kickers and find out.

Why celebrities wear shoes that are too big at the red carpet

The effects of high heels

Sure, towering above the rest of the crowd might seem like an excellent fashion choice, but it looks as though wearing those skyscraper heels could have more effects on our body than we once thought. Wearing these style of shoes can cause our backs to bend forwards unnaturally. In the long run, this can cause pain and even lead to poor alignment of our spine. As if that wasn’t enough, wearing heels regularly can cause our calf muscles to get shorter as well as thicken the tendons in our legs. Could a bigger shoe be the way to avoid all these issues and more?

Preventing blisters

According to some reports, one reason these celebrities wear shoes that are too big at the red carpet is to avoid blisters. Yup, you read that right. These celebs are on their feet for a long time as they pose for a whole host of paparazzi snaps, so having shoes that are too tight could lead to a pretty uncomfortable evening. Plus, imagine the horror of having to walk in front of thousands of people while avoiding rubbing a blister? Not a good look for anyone.

Why celebrities wear shoes that are too big at the red carpet

Make room for swelling

Another thought behind celebs opting for the bigger shoe trend is to make sure they have enough room for their feet to swell, in addition to avoiding it in the first place. Standing up for hours, especially in heels, can be tiring, and can even lead to our feet swelling up. Having a bigger shoe means there’ll be plenty of extra room should your feet decide to puff. On the other hand, high heels that are too small could cut off blood circulation to your feet and cause them to swell up as a result. We remember the Kim K feet photo, and we’re pretty sure no one else wants to find themselves in the same boat.

Keeping their shoes on

You might think that wearing shoes that are too big is a recipe for disaster. Well, it kinda is, but that doesn’t mean these celebs will cut the trend anytime soon. So how do they keep their footwear from making an unexpected disappearance throughout the night? That’s when silicone inserts and double-sided tape comes out to play. The inserts ensure the celebrities aren’t slipping and sliding around in their heels all night, while some will even tape their shoes to their feet as a way to keep them in place. The lengths these celebrities will go to for fashion!

It looks as though these celebrities aren’t trying to recreate the famous Cinderella moment with the glass slipper after all; they’re thinking about the long-term effects on their feet. So is risking a broken ankle really worth it for the sake of fashion and comfy shoes? Apparently, the answer is “yes” for many celebs. We’re not sure we’ll be jumping on the trend anytime soon.