Why staying home can be better than a night out

We hate to be rude, but people suck. Yep, we’d much rather surround ourselves with two of our best pals (they’re called Ben and Jerry, BTW) and stay inside – but society doesn’t really allow it. People call us recluses, they say that we’re antisocial, and they tell us that we “need to live a little.” Because of this, we often find ourselves giving into the pressure and going out for the sake of it. We force ourselves to go on a night out, we pretend to have fun, and we pretend that we’re not thinking about getting home and getting into our pajamas every single second. But you know what?! We’ve had enough! We’re going to stand our ground because this is why staying home can be better than a night out…

It’s cheap and cheerful

We’re gonna be totally honest with you right now; we’re broke. We may have been paid last week, but that money has gone on rent, food, and bills – and we have barely anything left for the month. So, staying in is the perfect option! There’s no point going for a night out if you’re not into it because it’s just a waste of the little money you have left. Instead, cook yourself a cheap and cheerful meal, shove on Netflix, and rock out in your pajamas.

Why staying home can be the better than a night out

You can avoid conversations you don’t want to have

One of the worst things about any night out is making small-talk with people you really don’t want to be conversing with. We’re not being mean, but we just don’t care about their cats or their new promotion at work. When you’re on a night out with friends, there will always be new people to your group. They may be someone that your friend has hooked up with, they may be a work colleague, or they may be a random stranger your own friend has decided to take under their wing. You always have to make conversations with these people on a night out… but you don’t have to at home.

You can be yourself

If you’re an introvert, you find people draining. You have to become someone you’re not when you’re around people, you have to pretend that you enjoy being outside of the comfort of your home, and you have to persuade them that you really do love drinking and dancing the night away in a hot room full of sweaty strangers. When you ditch a night out for a night in, you can be 100% yourself. You don’t have to pretend you’re someone you’re not, and you can just do you.

Why staying home can be the better than a night out

You don’t have to worry about getting home

Although we sometimes like to let loose and hang out with our friends outside of our house, it always ends in the same way. The last train of the night has already left, there are no taxis around, and you’re basically stranded in the middle of nowhere. This means you are constantly worried about how you’re going to get home on a night out – and you don’t have that worry when you’re staying indoors. That’s right, ladies and gents, because you’re already home!

No lines for the bathroom

There is nothing worse than really, really needing to pee while you’re in a club or a bar. You can almost guarantee that there will be around 20 women already waiting in a line, and some of them even decide to use the men’s bathroom because they just can’t wait! The lines are awful, smelly, and you normally meet the worst people in these lines, so why don’t you just avoid them instead? By staying at home you have a nice clean bathroom of your own, with nobody to compete with. What could be better than that?

If you’re currently deciding whether you should go out tonight or whether you should stay in, we have the perfect answer for you. Duh, you should stay home!