The Top 10 Most Affordable Places to Study Abroad

Want to study, but also want to travel? Why not do both? We don’t have to stay in the confines of our home country to get an incredible education. And with the current cost of living and the cost of tuition fees, studying abroad is starting to make a lot more sense to many.  Here’s our list of the top 10 most affordable places to study abroad


It is free for anyone to study in Norway, whether from inside the EU or out. They have a wide selection of English courses to choose from and the scenery is exquisite! Just be prepared for cold weather and a higher cost of living at $17200 per year.


With tuition fees between $3000 to $4000 per year and living costs at a low $3000 per year, Taiwan is a great place to study and live. They offer more than 120 courses in English at over 40 Universities, some of which are highly ranked.


Germany is quickly becoming a popular choice for international students. Tuition in public universities is free at undergraduate and Ph.D. levels. The cost of living is around $15000 per year, but the quality of life is superb.

The Top 10 Most Affordable Places to Study Abroad


While some private institutions have high fees, public institutions average at around $300 per year for tuition. Paris has been rated the world’s number one student city four times in a row. For art and architecture students, is there really a better choice?


With the average tuition fees at $6300 per year and the cost of living at $9300, Mexico is an affordable place to live and study. Because of its rich culture and low costs, Mexico City is ranked in the top 100 cities to study in, around the world.


Living comfortably in India only requires around $4600 per year. Tuition fees are also relatively low at an average of $7800 per year. With most institutions teaching in English, this makes India a great choice for students.


This safe and beautiful country has free studies at public institutions with private tuition at an average of $5100 per year. The cost of living is also low at an average of $5000. The vast geography of the country makes it a great choice for students who love the outdoors.


Those fluent in Polish can study for free. English courses have tuition fees of around $3500. The cost of living is low at $7700 per year. Poland has been rated in the top 20 of the most affordable countries to live in.


The city of Kuala Lumpur was rated as the most affordable city for students in 2016. Living costs are around $3550. Tuition can be found at an average of $4000. The country has a rich and diverse culture.

South Africa

A great low-cost place to study if being outdoors is important. The weather can’t be beat and neither can the low cost of living and tuition. Tuition will set a student back by $6000 and a comfortable cost of living is $9150.

The Top 10 Most Affordable Places to Study Abroad

All of the above countries offer courses in English and they are all affordable. What a great way to get an education and see the world. Just remember to check the Visa requirements.