Just Lagom it – the Swedish lifestyle trend that’s taking over the world

You don’t have to live in Sweden to appreciate Swedish lifestyle trends, because it’s fair to say that these trends have made their way across the world and have since become an international phenomenon. In particular, the Hygge way of life has inspired people across the globe to adopt the notion of cosiness and comfortability into their homes – and we have been all for it. However, Hygge has since been tossed to the side, because it’s now all about Lagom…

Not too little, not too much

Unlike the trend of Hygge, which is all about large knitted blankets, cozy fires, and being as wrapped up as possible, the new trend of Lagom is a little different. Roughly translated as “Not too little, not too much” or “Just right,” this concept is all about moderation. You don’t fill your house with things that you don’t need, but you also don’t adopt the minimalist look that makes your house empty and cold. This trend is all about being frugal and balanced, by having everything that you need to live a functional life. It’s been noted that those who adopt this kind of lifestyle will feel more content and happy with what they are achieving on a daily basis because they get to slow down and truly enjoy the moment.

Just Lagom it – the Swedish lifestyle trend that’s taking over the world

The Goldilocks trend

As more and more people get on board with the Lagon trend, they have realized that it’s all about embracing the Goldilocks trend. Just as this fairytale heroine had to eat porridge that was too hot and too cold, she eventually found the porridge that was just right – and that is Lagom. This trend has slowly but surely been making its way into everyday life, and first came to prominence in 2017. In fact, from January to March 2017, the number of people searching for “Lagom” on Pinterest went up by a whopping 53%. Because of this, major brands and companies have got on board and opted to sell products that will help you live a Lagom life within their catalogs. Most notably, IKEA has launched their very own Lagom project that hopes to inspire people across the globe to ditch their unwanted items and to live a sustainable life.

Not taking too much

So, how can you apply Lagom to your own life? To make the most of this sustainable trend, you have to think about where your furniture is coming from. If you can, try to use recycled or upcycled items that have been made in a sustainable fashion to add your personality and homeliness to your house. Not only will this give you the aesthetic you want, but it will also allow you to rest easy in the comfort that you are not harming the environment. If you don’t take too much from the planet, you will be able to reap the rewards.

Just Lagom it – the Swedish lifestyle trend that’s taking over the world

With so many interior designs sweeping the nation, it’s hard to decide which lifestyle trend you want to employ in your home. However, if you want our opinion, you just have to Lagom it…