The right way to incorporate colorful items in your home

Do you ever just look around your home and wonder how on earth you made it look so drab? With Pinterest and Instagram becoming increasingly important apps in our lives, it’s easy to follow some of the best interior designers in the business and compare their work to yours. You’ve not been able to spend thousands of dollars on a particular couch, you haven’t had wallpaper specifically designed for your tastes and your mood, and you haven’t been able to go to town with a Bed, Bath & Beyond store card. Instead, you’ve had to work on a budget… and you can definitely see that. Thankfully, one of the best ways to brighten your home and make it look more expensive is to incorporate colorful items into your abode. But how do you do that?

Grab yourself a rug

If you’re lucky enough to have wooden floors to your name, you might be totally in love with the Scandinavian aesthetic you’ve got going in your home… but these wooden floors can be a little cold and dark. If you’re looking to brighten your home with color, one of the easiest ways to do this is to grab yourself a rug. If you add a rug with either a bright color or a pattern, you will immediately break up the block color of your flooring. If you’re not ready to make a full commitment to a rug, a small floor runner will do!

The right way to incorporate colorful items in your home

Find bright accessories

There are two kinds of people in this world; those who use neutral tones on their walls, and those who are monsters. Using whites, greys, and creams on your walls is the best way to go if you’re looking to keep your home classy, but it can leave it a little cold sometimes. This is why you need to find bright accessories to brighten your home and add a pop of color. This could be something as simple as buying a bright yellow lamp, or buying artwork that will break up the block color on your walls. The best part about this? You can go as color crazy as you want!

Utilize your green fingers

If you’re not a nurturing person, this one might not be for you – as you might have a room full of brown plants rather than green ones! However, incorporating flowers and plants into your interior design project can be a simple and easy way to incorporate colorful items into your home. Just a small pop of green here and there will immediately add a little something extra in your living room, your bedroom, or your kitchen, and you can even ramp things up with bright flowers.

The right way to incorporate colorful items in your home

Make a statement

Those of you who don’t like lots of color can find it difficult to add color into your home, but sometimes it is necessary. If you’re a little wary of going overboard, it’s best to start with making a statement. Rather than incorporating different colors into your room at once, start with just one piece that will really steal the show. For example, add a beautiful and luxe blue chair into your white bedroom. Although it will stand out, it will stand out in a good way without being too garish. You need it to stand out but still fit in. If that isn’t your vibe, break up your grey couch with a beautiful orange blanket that you simply throw over the arm. It’s easy!

If you struggle to get your interior design game on, don’t worry. Normally, all of your problems can be solved if you just add a little color into your home. Thankfully, there are so many ways to do this, and they won’t break the bank or stress you out. What more could you want?