90s fashion trends that are back in style

Ahhhh, the ‘90s. When times were simpler, and when all we had to worry about was which hairstyle Rachel Green was rocking that month so we could take it to our hairdresser for them to copy. There were so many epic aspects of the ‘90s, but perhaps our greatest love of all was the fashion. This era was all about comfort and style, and we can’t tell you just how excited we are that these ‘90s fashion trends are back in style.

Plaid co-ords

In 1995, the world was graced with the totally rufus teen movie, Clueless. This movie opened up our eyes to plaid, and we all wanted to look like Cher Horowitz with our plaid co-ord. However, almost as soon as plaid came into fashion, it was out again. You’ll be happy to know that plaid is back, ladies and gentlemen! It’s now time to whip out your two-piece and show off your checks. It’ll be even better if you choose a yellow outfit.

Fanny packs

90s fashion trends that are back in style

There are some instances where you just don’t want to carry a big ol’ purse, but you also don’t have the space in your pockets to carry your wallet, your phone, and your makeup. So, what do you do? Well, those in the ‘90s had the right idea, because they used fanny packs. While these were the laughing stock of the ‘00s, we can safely say that fanny packs are back in business.

Crop tops

Crop tops have always been a bit of a gray area in the fashion world. During the ‘90s, it was totally acceptable to show off your navel (because you had an awesome navel piercing to go with it), but then it soon became a little unorthodox. However, as the years have gone by, people seem to be embracing the belly a lot more. You can now team your crop top with some mom jeans and make all of your nostalgia dreams come true.

90s fashion trends that are back in style


Some days you don’t want to wear jeans, but you also don’t want to wear a dress or skirt. Back in the day, ‘90s kids solved this problem by wearing overalls instead. You can either choose to wear tight or loose overalls, and you can also rest easy knowing that they feel like your own 24-hour hug. The best thing about overalls is that they’re super casual, but you can also dress them out if you realize that you actually have to leave your house…


Accessories during the 1990s were really something else. Although this era was all about wearing baggy and comfortable clothing, the aim with a ‘90s necklace was to make it as tight as possible. Chokers were all the rage, and there were just so many to choose from. You could go with the plastic and elastic chokers, or you could go all fancy with a velvet choker, complete with a jewel in the middle. The best part? They’re totally back in fashion.

We’ll never forget the ‘90s, and that’s partly because these ‘90s fashion trends have come back into our life.