90s women’s fashion trends that are back in 2019

Although we’re constantly waiting for the day that we get to use hoverboards and holograms in our lives (that would be super cool), we just can’t step away from the past. Sure, the future is exciting, but the past is even more intriguing. Because of this, retro trends are making their way back into our lives. Vinyl players are becoming even more popular, Polaroid cameras have come back into fashion, and retro decor is even making its way back into our homes. It’s pretty cool, right? What’s even cooler is that ‘90s fashion trends are also coming back into style, and we’re all over them in 2019…

It’s all about the dungarees

Let’s be honest; you really can’t go wrong with dungarees. They are comfortable, they are cool, and they are quirky – and they’re here to stay. Yep, if you’ve kept a pair of these bad boys hidden in your closet since the ‘90s, you need to get them ASAP, because dungarees are back. Denim dungarees are more popular than ever, and look incredible when they are paired with stripey tops, shirts, crop tops and more. If you’re feeling even more retro, you could even top the whole thing off with a baseball cap. Because you’re just that cool.

90s fashion trends female that are back in 2019

Got the flannel shirt? Check!

Back in the day, flannel shirts were all the rage. They worked perfectly with the chains we wore on our jeans, and we never actually wore them – they just looked pretty cool. As the ‘00s came along, flannel shirts were associated with farmers and the hoedown throwdown, so we stashed them away in our draws and hoped they would make an appearance later in our lives. Thankfully, that time has now come! 2019 is all about the flannel shirt and can be worn on their own or on top of a tank. The opportunities really are endless.

Backpacks are back

Aren’t backpacks just the greatest invention you’ve ever seen? Yep! These inventions have made our whole lives a lot easier. You don’t have to worry about carrying a purse on your arm; you don’t have to worry about lugging all of your makeup in your hands. Instead, all you need to worry about is whether you’re going to one-strap or two-strap your backpack. We’re so happy the backpack is back in fashion because we’ve missed it.

Brown lipstick is here to stay

If you cast your mind back to the ‘90s, you’ll probably remember begging your mom to buy you a brown lipstick because Drew Barrymore rocked the brown lipstick… so you needed to rock the brown lipstick! As time wore on, we realized that brown wasn’t really the most flattering color of all time, and we hastily stowed it away in our makeup trunk. However, it seems as though we can now dig it back out again because brown lipstick is here to stay! Will you give it a go?

90s fashion trends female that are back in 2019

The visor is taking all of the glare

Okay, so we’re not sure whether visors really were cool or not, but they were all the rage in the ‘90s, so we just had to give it a go. This trend didn’t last too long, though, and soon the only people wearing these hats were those who were trolling around the golf course or serving a few sets on the tennis court. Nevertheless, fashion houses across the world have since brought this accessory into our lives, and we’re quite excited to try one out.

Dad sneakers will sneak up on you

Back in the ‘90s, Dad sneakers were the bomb diggity. The bigger, the better, the more colorful, the better, and the more garish, the better. It was all about making a statement. Before too long, these sneakers had been replaced by dainty ballet pumps and smaller sneakers – but now every single celebrity in Hollywood is rocking these Dad sneakers again. We’re kinda in love.

If you’re feeling a little nostalgic right now, you’ll be happy to know that the fashion world has heard your pleas and have brought back some of the coolest fashion trends from the ‘90s back into our lives! We’re so into this.