Fashion trends to heat up your summer

As the temperature continues to rise, so does the heat in the fashion world. If you’re searching for ways to look on trend this summer, then look no further. These fashion trends will heat up your summer, even on the cloudy days.

Feathered clothes

We’ve had fringe, we’ve had tassels, we’ve had ripped clothes – what could be next? Feathers. Yes, at long last we have taken a leaf, or feather, out of our avian friends’ book as 2018 is all about getting personal with the addition. It could be something a simple as a feather earring or hairpiece, all the way up to an entire gown laced with the additions. The choice is yours!

Fashion trends to heat up your summer

Suit shorts

Now we can still rock the office glam without having to overheat in those bulky suits. Introducing short suits, the perfect alternative. You can dress them up with a shirt and oversized purse, or tone it down with a loose fitting t-shirt and sneakers. These short suits don’t have to stay in the office either. You can take these outfits just about anywhere as you take a more tailored view on the summer outfit.

Rain macs

As much as we can hope that the sun will be out every day throughout the summer, that sadly isn’t always the case. However, there is no reason to worry; the rain no longer has to ruin our fun. The rain mac is in this year, and now they can be the fashion trend you have been looking for this summer. The best bit? A clear mac means you can still show off your winning outfit that lies underneath. It’s almost too perfect.

Fanny pack

Yes, the fanny pack is back and better than ever! These additions are perfect for any summer occasion. Heading to a hot beach party? Perhaps you have tickets for a festival? Maybe you want to enjoy a walk in the park but don’t want to carry around your entire purse? These little beauties have you covered. They are perfect for those outfits where the pockets are just too small, as well as being entirely on trend for 2018.


Sportswear has been making a comeback since fall 2018, but now that summer is here it doesn’t mean we’ll be putting away our sweatpants or running shoes any time soon. It could be a simple addition such as wearing yoga pants with your outfit or wearing a sports jumpsuit as your base piece and layering a skirt or jacket over the top. The opportunities are endless, and you can create an entirely unique look without too forking out on new threads.

Fashion trends to heat up your summer

Lots of prints

Summer can conjure up images of bright colors and plenty of life. One of the biggest fashion trends set to heat up your summer is layering prints in your outfit. The bolder, the better! It could be multiple floral prints or entirely mixing it up with tartan and polka dots. There are so many combinations, and the can give your outfit a pop as we slide into the hottest time of the year.

Denim on denim

As if clashing patterns weren’t enough, it’s time to break the ultimate controversy in fashion: denim on denim. Yes, it’s summer 2018, and the trend is finally back! It looks as though this summer you can never have too much denim. Denim shoes, denim shorts, denim jackets – when does it end? Now, it doesn’t have to. It’s time to get layering with your outfit if you want to stay on trend this season.

As another season comes and goes, it’s time to welcome in a brand new range of trends. With so many different options for everyone, we no longer have to buy an entirely new wardrobe to be on trend. Now we can heat up our summer and stay on trend with these simple fashion additions.