How to host the best clothing swap party

Do you ever open up your closet and realize that you’ve lost all passion for the clothes inside of it? Don’t worry; this happens. When you wear the same clothes over and over, you can often feel as though you’ve got as much out of them as you can. So, what do you do? While you can head out to the store and buy a whole new wardrobe, this will cost you money, and most people don’t have that kind of cash to spend on replacing every item in there. That’s why you should host a clothing swap party instead.


Think about your guest list


One of the best ways to make your clothing swap party a success is to think about your guest list. While it can be easy to simply invite everyone in your contacts list, it’s sadly not as simple as that. That’s because you run the risk of singling people out and making them feel left out if they are not the same size as everyone else at the party. By creating a tailored guest list of people who are the same size as you, you can ensure that everyone has a fair game when it comes to their swaps.

How to host the best clothing swap party

Set some ground rules


The last thing you want is for your clothes swap party to be a free-for-all where some people leave with 10 items when others leave with 1. So, it’s best that you set some ground rules before the event and let your guests know that they have to abide by them to make the most of the party. By asking them to bring a set number of items, you can then make sure that everyone leaves with a set number of items as well. This will also mean that there’s a wide variety, which makes it even more fun.


Make it look good


Let’s be honest; most of us just shove our clothes in a drawer and then give it a good iron when we need to wear it. However, clothes swap parties need to look good – and so do the clothes. If you’re the host of one of these parties, you need to make sure that you have a designated space for your guests to look at the clothes and decide which ones they want to swap. Tables are normally good for that, so you can sift through each item of clothing and see which ones you like. If they are all jumbled together, nobody is going to want to take them home.

How to host the best clothing swap party


Provide a fitting room


Everyone knows that clothes look different on than on the hanger, which is why clothing parties are so much more successful if you can provide a makeshift fitting room for your guests. This could just be your bedroom or bathroom, but giving your guests somewhere to try things on and show the other guests what the item looks like on can add a certain level of excitement to the whole thing. Top this off with some nibbles and some bubbles, and you’re onto a real winner.


If you’re looking to host a clothing swap party, you’ll be happy to know that it’s not as hard as it seems. Sure, you need to make sure that the whole thing runs to the best of its ability, but once you’re happy with your plans you can focus on enjoying the party and walking away with some new clothes!

How to host the best clothing swap party