Perfect outfits to wear to the beach this summer

In the slightly twisted words of Ned Stark, summer is coming! Finally. It feels as if we’ve been waiting for summer for our whole lives because we’re pretty sure we don’t remember what life is like without wearing a giant coat, a scarf, a bobble hat, and gloves. Of course, we do winter-chic incredibly well (if we do say so ourselves), but we are ready for summer. We’re ready to get our tan on, we’re ready to get our sandals out, and we’re ready to head down to the beach with our pals. Yet, what do you wear to the beach? It turns out there are perfect cover-ups to suit every style and shape…

The classic wrap

If you’re grabbing your best girlfriends and getting ready for a day on the beach, you need something to wear in between your house and the sea. One of the best things you could possibly choose to wear during this in-between stage is the classic wrap sarong. While it may just look like a flimsy piece of fabric to some, sarongs can actually come in incredibly handy. If you wrap it around your waist, you have your very own DIY skirt that you can whip off as soon as the ocean comes into view.

Perfect outfits to wear to the beach this summer

The tailored pant

When you’re chilling at the beach in the summer, you have no idea where the evening will take you. You might find yourself being whisked away on a boat party, to a friend’s house for dinner, or just back to the comfort of your own house – but it’s always best to be prepared. With swimsuits now being in trend, you can now add a tailored pant to your swimming outfit to ensure you’re prepared for any nighttime antics. Simply pop these pants over your swimsuit and you’re onto a winner. Cropped ones are even better for that summer heat, too.

The jumpsuit

If you’re yet to wear a jumpsuit, you need to get on the bandwagon right away. It’s not a dress, it’s not a shirt and pant combo, but it’s perhaps one of the comfiest and stylish pieces you could have in your closet. A jumpsuit is perfect for beach days when you simply want to whip something on top of your swimsuit, and will still leave you looking as stylish as ever. Top this outfit off with a head wrap and some cute sandals and you will be running the beach runways.

The maxi-skirt

Pants aren’t for everyone, and some women just can’t cope without wearing a skirt – which is why the maxi-skirt is the perfect alternative. Going for dramatic colors and patterns will help your style evolve from swimwear-chic to casual-chic, and you can simply pop it on on top of your swimsuit and walk around the beach, the restaurant, and your local cafe without a care in the world. It’s like you’re dressed and undressed at the same time! However, no swimsuit and maxi skirt combination would be complete without a basket bag to fully connect the whole outfit.

Perfect outfits to wear to the beach this summer

The tunic

If you’re looking for something simple to slip over your swimsuit while at the beach, you need look no further, because the trusty tunic has your back. Quite literally. These lightweight tunics are perfect for the heat and will protect you from the sun as you make your way to and from the beach, but they won’t scrimp on style. These boho-chic tunics will get you beach and runway ready in no time. What more could you want?

If you’re getting ready for a summer on the beach, you’re probably wondering what you need to buy on your next shopping trip. Luckily, you only need to stock up on these summer essentials to get your beach wardrobe popping.