Styling your wardrobe: curvy girl edition

It is no secret that being a curvy girl means that you need to make sure that your wardrobe works in your favor. I have always been on the curvier side of things and have worked hard to make sure that the contents of my closet are flattering and stylish. I purchase my clothing on whether or not it looks good on me and not if it is on trend or not. Trends come and go, but looking comfortable and cute in your outfit is always in.

Being a curvy girl means you sometimes need to get creative with your outfits, as well as come to terms with certain styles that will never look good on you – crop tops, anyone? An example of my creativity is when I wear shorts or tights and want to cover up a little more than what my shirt can offer – I take a flannel shirt or any form of button down really, and wrap it around my waist. Another thing I like to do is wear all black, but that’s just me and my dislike of colorful clothing (seriously, I have mostly white, grey, black and navy in my closet).


Here are some curvy girl style hacks:

  • Invest in proper undergarments. This one isn’t talked about enough, but a good bra can do some serious wonders for the rest of your outfit. A proper fit means you stand straighter and your bust is where it should be, gravity speaking. Another issue is if your underwear is too low or tight, make sure the fit works for your figure and that it doesn’t cut you in the waist, creating the muffin top we are all trying to avoid.
  • Spanx are there for a reason. Embrace the Spanx! If you are wearing a tight dress but are not a size 2 or 4, or have a flat stomach, a pair of Spanx are the difference in your comfort level. I know that there is a certain LBD I own that I would never wear without Spanx, it’s just too unforgiving. Spanx have gotten a bad rep over the years as something only overweight women wear, I say, it’s for anyone who wants a little extra backup in an article of clothing.
  • Layer, baby! I have always been the kind of girl who layers her clothing. Not so much because of my curves but more to do with the fact that my body temperature is all over the place. However, what I did find was that layering gave me more options of styling and did hide certain areas I was happy to cover up. For example, in the cooler days, I will wear a shirt, a cardigan and a jacket instead of one large heavy sweater. Another thing I love to wear is oversized clothing, especially shirts and sweaters that are longer and so I can wear with any pair of pants I want.

The most important thing to remember is that we are all unique and beautiful in our own way and no matter how we dress, we have something singular to offer the world, since no one is like another.