TV shows to watch if you love fashion

Fashion and TV – two things that go handbag in hand. They were made for each other! Sometimes we just need our fix of the hottest trends and latest styles, while still keeping up with all the drama of our favorite series. So if you want to combine your two passions then look no further as we have some great TV shows to watch if you love fashion – they’re picture perfect!

Downton Abbey

Don’t worry; we haven’t gone crazy. In fact, Downton Abbey can show us fashion through the ages all from the comfort of our couch. While we might not walk around in a full corset and tea dress nowadays, we sure can lap up their grace at home. Perhaps it’s time to bring back pearls and lace gloves? After all, fashion can be all about being daring. What could be braver than reigniting an old trend in a brand new way?

TV shows to watch if you love fashion


What even is fashion on TV without Carrie and the girls? Exactly. These women were known for their city lifestyles that came with the perks of it all – including all those designer gladrags. In fact, the outfits on the show were so memorable that Patricia Field, the costume designer for the series, walked away with an Emmy for Outstanding Costume Design for her work. Now if that isn’t a fashion must-have, then we’re not sure what is.


This show might not be the first you think of when it comes to fashion, but hear us out. It’s the characters’ unique style that has us fashion lovers coming back episode after episode. Over the series, we have seen feather coats, gold plastic dresses, and even a lizard crop top; all of which have been specifically chosen to show off everyone’s personality. The touches are subtle, but without their styling, these girls would have an entirely different effect.

Gossip Girl

Of course, the drama of finding out who was behind all those “xoxo’s” over the years was the main pull of Gossip Girl. However, there is no denying that Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf’s incredible style and grace was a huge fashion factor to take on board. As if that wasn’t enough, we also got to see some pretty stylish dudes over the years too. Can anyone out-suave Chuck Bass? We think not.

TV shows to watch if you love fashion

Pretty Little Liars

A group of four girls at the top of their fashion game all trying to figure out who the mysterious “A” is – we really can’t ask for anymore form a TV show to watch if you’re a fashion lover. As well as the intense mystery and drama, Pretty Little Liars showed us how the “It” girls can style up just about any outfit and try to take down someone threatening to expose their deepest secrets – all still while looking ready for the catwalk. We might not be able to pull it off ourselves, but we can enjoy watching a group that can.


We love TV, and we love fashion. Period. No longer do we have to worry about flicking through designer mags or trawling the stores for the latest trends. Now, we can simply sit back, relax, and enjoy watching all the latest shows that bring style to life before our very eyes.