The type of footwear you’ll need to prepare for the colder weather

Winter changes everything. We have to drag out the winter jumpers again and de-ice our car windscreens before we can go anywhere. It’s a season full of struggling and sub-zero conditions. When the weather changes, however, what does it mean for our attire? As well as swapping out t-shirts for jumpers and shorts for thick, thermal pants, we also have to reconsider our footwear. So, what should we be wearing in the colder weather?

Snowy weather

When it’s snowing, not just any shoes will do. If you’re wearing the wrong kind of footwear, you’re going to slip around all over the place. While bystanders may find it hilarious, you… well, probably less so. In snow and ice, hiking boots and proper snow boots are unrivaled. They provide grip and warmth. Snow boots are, of course, the superior, seeing as that’s what they’re made for. They also feature fleece lining to keep your feet warm for longer. Hiking boots are a cheaper alternative for slightly less extreme cold weather.

The type of footwear you’ll need to prepare for the colder weather

Cool but casual

Sneakers could be perfect in the cold weather, so long as you’re not faced with heavy snow or severe ice. Good brands of sneaker will have sufficient grip for the wet winter ground, but definitely won’t be good enough for more severe weather. Plus, it means you almost definitely don’t need to spend money on more shoes for winter, and you can pair this kind of footwear with most outfits. We don’t suggest trying to go for a run in the prime of winter, though, just because you’re wearing your running shoes.

Whack out the Wellingtons

Wellington boots, more commonly referred to as wellies, are one of the most popular winter footwear choices. They offer a decent amount of grip on icy flooring, as well as protecting our lower legs from a vast majority of the cold. They’re pretty cheap to get hold of, making them much more common than expensive snow boots.

Chilly days

On days that are cold, but not quite so cold as it would be if it were snowing, UGGs are actually a surprisingly good choice of footwear. They keep your feet super warm, thanks to the thick fleece lining, while also being reasonably breathable. They aren’t massively waterproof, so you might want to think twice about wearing them in the snow, but for your average cold, winter day, UGGs might be your perfect solution.

Classy in the cold

When the days aren’t too cold, and you still want to look stylish, ankle boots could be the answer. They keep your feet surprisingly warm and usually have fairly good grip for wet weather. They also pair with almost any outfit, so that you can look elegant and fashionable, even in the colder weather.

The type of footwear you’ll need to prepare for the colder weather

While we all want to look good during the cold weather, we also need to consider practicality. Wearing flip-flops or sandals in the snow and ice simply isn’t smart. Investing in some good snow boots or dragging out the wellies from the depths of your closet, however, is in your best interest.