Use these simple hacks to clean your white sneakers

For some reason, we all have an intense love obsession with white sneakers. They’re so pure. They’re so beautiful.

They’re so perfect. And we love to keep them sparkling white. But unless you never ever wear them (which is not an option because you just want to show off your incredible sneakers) they’re going to get dirty and ruined. Thankfully, there are ways to restore them to all of their sparkling glory.

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Use these simple hacks to clean your white sneakers

Baking soda

If there was one ingredient or product that you should always have in your house, it is baking soda. There are so many uses for baking soda, and cleaning your white sneakers is just one of them! For this hack, you’ll need baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, an old toothbrush, water and a bowl.

To create the perfect cleaning mixture, you’ll need to mix the baking soda, the water, and the hydrogen peroxide together in the bowl to create a paste. Brush off your shoes with a dry cloth to remove any loose pieces of dirt and de-lace them.

Using the toothbrush, brush the paste onto the sneakers and work it into the material. Once you have coated the whole shoe, repeat the process and cover the sneaker with another coat of the paste. If you have paste left over, drop your laces into the mixture and cover them. Next, put the shoes and the bowl (with the laces) into direct sunlight outside. This will work better if the sun is bright and hot, cloudy days will prove less successful.

Leave the shoes for three to four hours and clap the shoes together. The paste should just drop off – but if it doesn’t, brushing over the shoes with your hands will make it fall off. You should now have bright, white sneakers!


If you have leather sneakers or sneakers that aren’t canvas, you can also use toothpaste to clean them. How cool (or minty fresh) is that?! The method behind this is super simple, and only requires a short amount of time to make your sneakers sparkly and clean again.

All you need to do is wet your sneakers, and use a toothbrush to rub in the toothpaste – enough so that it will foam. Once you’ve worked the toothpaste across the whole shoe, you’ll need to let it do its thing for at least ten minutes.

Once that ten minutes is up, you can grab yourself a damp towel or place them under the tap to wash off the toothpaste. If your sneakers still aren’t as white as you would like, repeat for as many times as necessary (we know you have high standards).

Use these simple hacks to clean your white sneakers

Place them in the dishwasher

Nope, we’re not joking. You really can put your sneakers in the dishwasher alongside your dirty plates and bowls – although it does work better if they go in the dishwasher by themselves. If you want sparkling clean sneakers, fill your dishwasher with the cleaning detergent you would normally use, and place your shoes face down on the highest shelf. Pop on the dishwasher on your normal cycle and wait for it to finish.

When finished, remove your shoes and take them outside to dry off in the sun. If it isn’t a hot or sunny day, you can instead place them in the tumble dryer – but make sure you put them in with towels. Otherwise, they will be incredibly loud and annoying! Once they’ve dried off, you can inspect them and check out how clean they are!

So if you’ve got some sneakers that need a good clean, try out these hacks to get them as good as new.