How to get that summer bod you’ve been dreaming about

When did someone flick that switch and make it summer? We may have been feasting on junk food for the last few months, but all of a sudden the sun is out, and it’s time to start peeling back the layers. Quick – we need a way to get that summer bod we’ve been dreaming about!

Drink, drink, drink

No, we’re not talking about all those cocktails around the pool. We mean H2O, the life source of all things healthy. You might often see the fitfam of the world permanently attached to their water bottle, and there is a good reason – it flushes out everything we don’t want in our body as well as giving our insides a cleanse. Plus, getting enough water will help you achieve that summer glow you’re looking for. Nice.

How to get that summer bod you’ve been dreaming about

Don’t forget the weights

Did you know that weightlifting can burn calories for hours after your training session? It can be easy to think you need to up the cardio if you are looking to burn fat. Although cardio is important, weights can be the key to success. They will help tone up your muscles without bulking up. Mixing up your workout is vital if you want to see the best results. Don’t be afraid of the bench – let it become your new best friend!

Streeeeeetch it all

After all that working out and eating healthy, what could be better than having a good stretch out? But wait, this could have even more benefits than just helping our aching muscles. Exercises such as yoga and pilates are perfect for toning up our muscles as well as lengthening them. This will help make us look longer and leaner – the perfect goals for getting that summer bod.

Sugar rush

It can be hard to resist the temptation of a sweet glass of lemonade or an ice cream when the sun starts to shine. However, saying “no” and cutting back on the sugar is essential if you want to get summer body ready. Too much sugar can cause our bodies to retain water which, in turn, can make us look bloated. Not an appearance we’d like to go for this summer!

How to get that summer bod you’ve been dreaming about

Think fresh

Fresh food is important all year, but it can be even more vital when it comes to getting your body ready for summer. All the fresh produce will have your body flowing with goodness which will radiate out of your skin. To make this even better, your organs will thank you, and you could even help keep your teeth white and healthy. The perfect dazzling smile for those summer snaps? Yes, please.

If in doubt, squat it out

This could soon be your new favorite mantra. Many of us dream of achieving that Kim K behind, but will we ever get there? The dawn of the booty is still in full swing, and one of the best ways to build up your behind is to get squatting. From sumo squats to goblet squats – there are so many variations to tone all parts of your lower body.

There is no need to stress about how to get that summer bod you’ve been dreaming about as a few simple changes could see you well on your way to reaching your goals. It’s time to get starting as we lap up the next few months of summer. Pool party, anyone?