The real reason that we love sushi so much

Choosing where to go for dinner can be an absolute nightmare. You can’t decide, so you ask your other half to decide for you – before you realize that you really don’t want to go where they choose. So, you don’t know what you want, but you do know what you don’t want. It’s a tough cycle, y’all. However, there is a cuisine that is perfect for the indecisive people of the world… sushi! This Asian delicacy isn’t only enjoyed across the pond, because this sticky goodness has now made its way over to various other countries, and we just can’t get enough of it. But have you ever wondered whether there is a reason for that?

The sushi trend

If you love to keep up to date with the current zeitgeist and all of the latest trends in the world, you’ll know that sushi is still at the top of its game. Sure, it may be pretty darn expensive, but that’s not gonna stop us from climbing onto the conveyor belt at Yo! Sushi and consuming everything in sight. One of the main reasons sushi is so popular is because it is something different. Nowadays, you can’t go to a restaurant without seeing at least ten different burgers on the menu, along with fries that are topped with everything from cheese to chill. While we love burgers and fries as much as the next person, there comes a time when you want to have something new and something a little smaller – which is where sushi comes into play. From veggie sushi to traditional fish sushi, this concoction of rice, seaweed and more have taken the world by storm.

The real reason that we love sushi so much

All kinds of flavors

As if that wasn’t enough to grab the nearest pair of chopsticks and tuck in, there are all kinds of flavors associated with this style of food – and you can basically pair sushi with anything. Fill your stomach with California Rolls, lick your lips after eating a few (okay, twenty) Spicy Salmon Rolls, get your avo on with a Tiger Roll, or add some cream cheese into your life with a Philadelphia Roll or ten. Of course, we all know that these sushi dishes are delicious – but have you ever found yourself craving sushi in the middle of the night? Once you have it you can’t imagine your life without it, and it seems there is a real reason for that. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

The real reason that we love sushi so much

Food for the soul

It might surprise you to know that a biophysicist has actually written a book about the scientific effects of sushi on us all, and explains exactly why sushi is so addictive. Yes, Ole Mouritsen is the author of Sushi: Food for the Eye, the Body and the Soul, and has spent his whole life working towards this conclusion. In this book, he constantly compares fish to other meat, and explains why most of us would choose sushi over a steak or chicken any day. He says this obsession comes from the fact that uncooked fish aren’t as muscly as other animals. Indeed,these guys float through the water every single day rarely using any of their energy to do so. This means that they have virtually no muscle to their name, which makes their meat incredibly soft and flaky. Because humans prefer food that is soft and delicate, it’s perfect for our stomachs – and we eventually just want more and more as the time goes on. When you compare the texture of raw fish to other meats, the difference is astounding!

Have you ever wondered why you love sushi so much? Well, it seems as though science now has an answer for us, and today is a very good day. Thanks, science!