5 things guys think they don’t care about, but they actually do

How well do you think you know the men in your life? It turns out that you might know them better than they know themselves. There are many things that guys think they don’t care about, which are actually a big deal to them. Although they might not always be able to see it, everyone around them knows the truth. Next time one of these five things comes up, see how a man responds.

Laughing stock

You tend to see this most when a group of guys gets together. They’re not afraid to poke fun at each other and joke around, but it’s always in good humor. At least, it’s usually meant to be. Certain things can affect us in different ways, and what one guy might brush off as a bit of lighthearted banter, another may well take to heart. They’re not likely to show any signs of being upset, but somewhere inside the joke is bringing them down. Although they don’t always realize that their friends’ words can have such an effect on them, no-one wants to feel like a laughing stock.

5 things guys think they don’t care about, but they actually do

Looking fly

It’s the stereotypical notion that men take about 10 minutes to get ready while women take an hour. It’s true that men don’t do as much to prepare when going out, but that doesn’t mean they’re not concerned about how they look. Men are just as worried about their public appearance, but they don’t often realize this. When they “just throw on anything,” it’s usually something that looks good on them and that accentuates their figure nicely. Remind them of that the next time they tell you to hurry up and finish getting ready.


Speaking of appearances, it’s more than just clothes that make up a man’s look. When it comes to facial hair, guys are very particular about how they like it to be. Whether it’s trimmed or bushy, thick or stubbly, they’ve all considered how they want it to look. Facial hair is one of a man’s most distinguishing features, and it makes up the look they show to the world. They might tell themselves they have it one way or another to fit with their style or level of effort (because shaving all the time is a pain), but there’s more to it than that. A man can spend just as long styling his beard as a woman does putting her makeup on.

Trashy TV

Trashy TV is like a guilty pleasure for more men than you might think. Normally, if they had control of the remote, they’d stereotypically opt for something sport or action related. However, if they have a partner, they have to learn to watch certain programmes they wouldn’t have clicked on otherwise. Fortunately for them, they really get into these shows. They’ll proclaim that it’s rubbish and make fun of it, but deep down they’re hooked. If they didn’t enjoy it, they’d have stopped watching it after a few episodes.

5 things guys think they don’t care about, but they actually do

Getting emotional

It’s not always easy for a guy to talk about his feelings. It doesn’t come as naturally to men as it does to women, and this can sometimes cause a strain in relationships. What people don’t realize, however, is that men care a great deal about their feelings. Even they might not think their emotions are that big a deal, but they can always surprise themselves. Sure, a guy might not go around crying all the time, but never assume they haven’t taken anything to heart. Likewise, just because he doesn’t say he loves you that often, it doesn’t mean you’re not the most important person to him. Even if guys are secretly in touch with their feelings, talking about them is still hard to do.

The things in this list won’t apply to every guy out there. However, most men you come across will secretly care about these things a lot more than they’ll ever let on.