Great hacks for cheap flights

For many people, seeing the world is a big part of their bucket list, but one of the biggest things that hold people back is the cost of travel. International flights often take up a considerable part of a vacation budget; however, there are some ways to get the cost of your travel down in order to get you more of the world for your money. So read on for some great hacks and get yourself cheap flights in the future.

Cheap Flight Day

No, we’re not kidding. ‘Cheap Flight Day’ really is a thing. That is the nickname that many travel companies have given to August 23. This is because it marks the beginning of the transition into the off-peak travel season. As it’s the end of the summer, children are back in school, and people are getting in the mood for autumn, the demand for travel is reduced; as a result, so too are the fares. The low fair period continues until Thanksgiving, as demand increases again with people returning home or wanting to spend Thanksgiving in the sun. So this in-between period is the best time to book long haul and international flights. On average the prices are around 30% lower than usual, so it’s the perfect time to book those bargain flights.

Great hacks for cheap flights


We often think that booking as early as possible is the best way to get cheaper airfare, but actually one of the best things you can do is to regularly check the cost of flights. The price of tickets often fluctuates, and airlines can offer reduced cost tickets at any time prior to a flight. Airfare sales tend to happen within weeks or months of the actual flight, and there are many websites that can offer tracking services so you can see how the cost of tickets is changing. But don’t forget to use incognito browsing as revisiting ticket websites has been known to increase the price!


Be prepared to go with the flow when it comes to getting a cheap deal. Times of the day, week and month that are less popular will have this reflected in the price of the ticket. So if you want to save money, you will have to be ready to take those early morning and Saturday evening flights. It’s best to research the flights before you book the time off work or before you even set a time in your mind to avoid being disappointed.


One of the best ways to keep on top of deals is to get connected with airlines. Sign up to receive their newsletters and follow their social media accounts. These will be the first places you’ll hear about sales and also where you’ll find new routes becoming available. Again, there are also lots of third party websites that track when airlines have good deals, so sign up to as many things as possible so you’ll be the first to hear about anything.

Great hacks for cheap flights

Hopefully, these tips help you snag that deal you’ve been looking for. Now you have no excuse not to travel the world and see as much as possible, because you can do it on the cheap. Happy traveling!