Why you are smarter than you think

Everyone has little habits and quirks that make up your unique personality, although there are arguably some habits that are a lot worse than others. But if you are a creature of poor habits, things might not be as bad as you think, because some of the things that are considered unhealthy habits are actually signs that show you are smarter than you may have appreciated.


There are so many guides and tips out there to help people stop procrastinating, and it has many negative connotations, but we should really look at procrastinating differently. Instead of considering it as a sign of laziness, it actually has a lot to do with waiting for the right time to get things done. Many of the top CEOs are guilty of this, like Steve Jobs for example, as it allows time for other ideas to be discussed and in turn helps to discover more interesting or unique ideas.

Running Late

It’s not a nice feeling to be late. It can also affect your relationships with others as it can make you seem poorly organized or even impolite. However, it is also a sign of someone with an optimistic personality. Rather than just being behind, they perceive time differently and believe they can fit a lot more into the time they have available. Essentially, they always aim for the best, but it doesn’t always work well for them. If that is you, optimism isn’t a bad reason to be late!

Chewing Gum

There are definitely some situations where you should not chew gum – job interviews, or fancy meals for example. But if you are just on your own, there are some significant benefits that can come from masticating. It helps to improve your alertness and focus. It has also been shown to positively affect your mood and lower your stress levels. So if you have a solo project that you’re working on, it’s probably buying some gum on your way to work.

A Messy Desk

If your desk resembles a hoarder’s living room, then it’s time to get sorting. However, a slightly untidy workspace that doesn’t get in the way of other people could be a positive. It has been shown in research that people who are not super tidy actually tend to be more goal-oriented than those who keep everything in perfect order. This is probably because they are seeking order somewhere else and desks become a lesser priority.


Spending a bit of time during your day just letting your mind wander and space out is a good thing. It can help increase your creativity and productivity. But the key is to only do it for short periods, around 10-12 minutes to give you a break from tasks. Doing too much daydreaming is actually bad for you and can cause unhappiness. So keep your mental activities in check in order to get the optimum effects.

If you are guilty of any of these habits, be sure to show this list to your mother, partner, work colleague or anyone else who’s complaining because now you have the upper hand. Maybe they’ll be joining in with you soon too.