How to make thin hair look thicker

Some of us are born with luscious, thick hair. Others? We might need a little help in that department. No longer do we have to the wig store as it seems as though there are some simple ways to make thin hair look thicker.

Remember to blow dry

It can be tempting to jump out the shower and head off for the day without taking a blow dryer to our hair, but this could be a crucial step for anyone with thin hair they want to look thicker. It’s important to use a low heat to ensure you don’t cause any damage before taking a round brush and giving yourself a full blow out that looks as though you’ve just stepped straight out of the salon.

Tease those roots

Although teased hair was so 2010s when every scene kid across the nation wanted the biggest hair out there, they all had something in common: their hair looked thick. Now, it could be time to add a little teasing to your hair routine. While you don’t have to go as full-on, grabbing a fine tooth comb and teasing around the roots at your crown can be enough to add some simple lift and volume to your hair.

Add in some waves

Having thin, straight hair means it can often fall flat against our head and look even thinner than it already is. Adding in some simple waves with a curling iron can make it seem as though our locks are double the size. Using a thermal protectant will not only help to protect your hair from any damage from the irons but they also usually aid in keeping the style for longer throughout the day meaning your look should last from morning through until the night.

Try clip-ins

If you want to up the thickness of your hair, but don’t want to dedicate to your look every day, then there are plenty of clip-in hair extensions on the market to help you achieve the perfect look. The best bit? They can be styled in so many different ways! Those long, flowing locks or a ponytail that would make even Ariana jealous are all at our fingertips thanks to these extensions. Plus, you’ll avoid damaging your natural hair thanks to the lack of glue or tape used in more permanent options.

Add fibers

Yes, hair-building fibers really are a thing, and they could be about to change your hair’s life forever. All you need to do it sprinkle a small amount into your part of any thin areas of hair and the keratin will naturally bond with your strands. These give an instant fuller look as well as being weather and sweat resistant meaning no one will be able to tell your secret weapon.

While having thin hair might have always seemed like you could never achieve the look you wanted, that could all be about to change thanks to these styling hacks that not only give the appearance of thicker hair but are sure to give you healthy locks, too.