What to pack for the perfect ski trip

The flights are booked and the excitement has set in. That dream ski holiday has finally arrived and it’s time to pack… but, pack what? A ski trip is different from any other holiday you have been on before. High altitudes, temperatures ranging from quite high to really low, lots of activity but also some resting too. That’s a lot to think about. In this article, we have put together a comprehensive list of the skiing essentials that you will need to pack for the perfect ski trip.

Layer it up

Layers are the way to go to truly enjoy your ski trip. Yes, it can be freezing outside, but every building you step into will be well heated. Having enough layers allows you to adequately regulate your body temperature.


Start with thermal full-length underwear and thick socks. Then move up to a fleece layer in the middle and end with a good quality ski jacket and pants. A ski hat and a neck warmer or scarf should not be neglected.

Essential equipment

For first time skiers, we highly recommend hiring the bulky equipment. Most resorts offer this service. This way, you can decide if you prefer skis or snowboard without the capital outlay. Items available for hire will include ski boots, snowboard boots, skis, snowboards, helmets, and ski poles.


The items we suggest you bring along yourself are a bit more personal:


Ski Goggles

Snow glare is a real thing and arc eyes will just ruin the vibe of your whole trip. Make sure to get a pair that is polarised and UV protected.


Face Mask

This is a good investment for skiing in really cold conditions. Using a mask that is windproof will keep the windburn away and even help to prevent chapped lips.



Frostbitten fingers are not our idea of a good time. A good pair of waterproof gloves that can be tightened around the wrists will keep you having fun on the slopes for longer. Some gloves will even allow you to work a touch screen without taking them off.


Insulated flask or water bottle

No doubt about it, skiing is hard work, so rehydration is important. Use a drinking bottle that can hook onto your backpack or a flask of hot chocolate for a pit-stop warm up.



Although any backpack would work, we recommend one that is waterproof, lightweight and not too big.

Snow boots

Different than ski boots that clip onto the skis. These meant for walking indoors or outdoors, on different terrains and snow, while toes stay dry and warm.

Miscellaneous items

Lip balm and sunscreen

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean that the sun is hiding. Sunburn in the snow can be one of the worst experiences. The sun reflects off the snow, so UV rays are coming from all directions.


Swimming costume

It might sound crazy, but many resorts and hotels have hot tubs or heated pools to warm up cold guests.



Keep it charged and take it everywhere. Getting “snowed in” is a reality and it helps to be prepared.


This trip requires very bulky and heavy packing, so be wise and stick to the essentials. Check your luggage allowance before departure and do your best to stick with the limit by packing frugally. Alternatively, pay an additional luggage fee in advance for a cheaper rate.