Valentine’s Day ideas that won’t break the bank

Valentine’s Day can be one of the most wonderful – and expensive – days of the year. If you want to find the perfect way to say “I love you” that doesn’t involve bankruptcy, then it could be time to check out some Valentine’s Day ideas that won’t break the bank.

Go on a treasure hunt

Treasure hunts can be fun at any time of the year, but now you can put a romantic spin on the event. Using places that mean a lot to you, such as where you met or where you shared your first kiss, are great ways to add a splash of romance into your date as well as take a walk down memory lane.

Plan a picnic

This can be a great idea if you live near a park or want to take a trip to the beach. Is the weather against your plans? Don’t worry; indoor picnics can be the perfect way to enjoy your date minus the weather outside.

Use your Netflix

That Netflix account isn’t just there for decoration. Perhaps there’s a favorite movie of yours you want to rewatch? Maybe there is a series you’ve both been waiting to see but haven’t had the time? Now, there is no excuse to load up on snacks and get viewing.

Write each other letters

It can be easy to stumble over our words or forget to share our emotions with our loved ones every day. Writing a letter can be the perfect way to get everything out there in the open – with a permanent reminder of your feelings to your partner. Plus, letters are free as everything comes from the heart with these gifts.

Head outside

The world is a beautiful place filled with all kinds of sights and sounds for us to enjoy. Living in the city could mean finding a bench to people watch as the world passes by while heading to the countryside can give many the chance to enjoy the freedom of the outdoors with your loved one.

A home spa day

Our lives can often leave us feeling in need of a pamper. Now, you can combine Valentine’s Day with ultimate relaxation. Investing in some face masks can be a great place to start, while scented candles and offering up free massages can help add to the romantic mood without breaking the bank.

Cook for one another

Does one of you love to cook? Perhaps you’re both as useless as each other in the kitchen? Now, it’s time to put your skills to the test. Cooking a meal together or taking one aspect each can be a great way to spend time together on your date night with a, hopefully, delicious payoff at the end.

Valentine’s Day can often leave many of us feeling as though we should be breaking the bank to fork out on the most luxurious of gifts. However, the day is all about showing how much you care – not what you are willing to spend. A little personal time could soon go a long way.