What kind of flowers and plants are best to keep in your home?

Have you looked around your home and thought that it could use a little more life? Have no fear; there could be an answer. It’s time to learn the kind of flowers and plants that are best to keep in your home and breathe some freshness into those rooms.


If you want all the fun of houseplants without the worry of too much care, then look no further. Cacti come in all shapes and sizes and can be the perfect option for anyone looking to add some greenery. They typically need plenty of sunlight and minimal watering meaning they can survive even when we forget to water them for weeks.


Aloe vera

Believe it or not, but aloe vera has some incredible properties. The plant is believed to help clear the air of any toxins and provide plenty of fresh oxygen for us to enjoy instead. As if that wasn’t enough, aloe vera can also be used for all kinds of things, such as rubbing on sunburn, using to moisturize your hair, and even adding it to some food.

Jade plant

This little plant comes with small leaves and equally sized flowers that are likely to bloom all throughout the year. That’s not all. Jade plants don’t need much water meaning they are pretty easy to care for. To top it off, jade plants are also considered to be a money plant meaning they should bring financial success to homes.

Peace lily

Just because you live in a home with minimal light no longer means that you have to miss out on houseplants. In fact, peace lilies thrive in the shade and cooler temperatures. The flowers are some of the most captivating of all plants in the home, and they can help to clear any toxins in their air. Its minimal maintenance routine is yet another bonus.


Jasmine was once considered to be an outdoor plant. However, it now looks as though we can bring the sweet smells of the flowers into our homes. All you need to do is find somewhere for your plant that gets at least a few hours of sunlight a day, and it shouldn’t be long before your room is filled with the recognizable scent. Just be sure to choose a species that’s appropriate to your climate.


African violet

It’s not just plants that we can keep in our homes. It turns out there are also several flowers that can add life into our rooms with the African violet being no exception. The plants are full of life thanks to their beautiful flowers. It’s best to keep the plants somewhere they will stay warm as well as receive plenty of filtered sunlight if you want to keep the flowers healthy.

Many of us love to head outdoors and soak up Mother nature. However, we could be about to enjoy all of her life in our homes too thanks to the best kind of flowers and plant to keep in our homes.