Best cities for singles to find love

Nowadays, it seems Tinder is the number one place to find love – who would have thought we’d live in a world when looking down at a swiping screen is apparently a better way to find love than looking up and out at the world with its single people walking by.

If you’re someone who’s so totally over the whole dating app thing, then fear not, there’s still a chance for you. You can still venture out of your romance-free troubles and walk into the arms of someone really special. All you gotta do is move to one of these cities apparently. Let’s take a look at some of the best cities which technically according to the US census are the best for singletons.

Cambridge (MA)

Median age: 30
Married households: 32%
Married (with kids) households: 18%

So apparently, moving to Cambridge not only betters your chances of becoming a young entrepreneur (Kendall Square has been labeled the ‘square mile of innovation’ ), but it’s also the place to be for singles! Walking the streets of the Massachusetts city means you’re really likely to bump into the ‘one.’ Stop looking down at Tinder while you walk the sidewalk. They could be strolling right next to you.

Berkeley (CA)

Median age: 31
Married households: 34%
Married (with kids) households: 18%

If you’re a student desperately wanting to fall in love with a fellow humanitarian, Berkeley is one-thousand percent the place for you. Known for being the birthplace of the American food revolution and free-speech liberalism, why not find the one by talking left-wing politics over an innocent burger? Take our advice, and you’ll have tied the knot in no time.

Boston (MA)

Median age: 32
Married households: 27%
Married (with kids) households: 20%

If you’re looking to swipe right to a sculpted god or goddess with a love for keeping fit at the gym, then Boston is your hotspot! It’s full of sporty single yuppies, so get yourself down to Boston Common and watch all the singles run past. Maybe you could accidentally on purpose fall down and hurt yourself in front of one of them, who knows?

Seattle (WA)

Media age: 35
Married households: 35%
Married (with kids) households: 18%

Seattle is one huge city for you to explore, meaning plenty of singletons for you to meet too! Known for its delicious coffee and beautiful scenery, it’s the perfect place for you to grab a frappuccino and take a trip up the Space Needle to see the sights. You couldn’t get a more romantic date right?

Denver (CO)

Media age: 34
Married households: 34%
Married (with kids) households: 22%

Everyone’s always happier when the sun’s out. Well, Denver in Colorado has one of the country’s best climates – sunnier days and milder winters. This means your chances of finding the right singleton will at least be a happier process! Always good to have a bit of a tan when you meet someone new too right? There’s someone out there for everyone! You best believe it. However, if you’re single, living in a sleepy town, and have exhausted your swipes to the maximum mile radius – perhaps a move to one of these cities is the best idea for you.