The best pieces of advice from Anna Wintour

Many people know Anna Wintour as an important person in the fashion world. After all, Vogue’s editor in chief is given an esteemed position. But that’s not where all of her expertise lies. Like many other reputable or famous people, the things she says matter, and people indulge in those things and practice them in their lives.

Anna Wintour has become honored and admired not just because she is the editor of Vogue, but also because she is known to give out helpful advice from time to time – advice that helps people in their lives. Here are some of the best pieces of advice from Anna Wintour.

Drive is everything

Having a passion for what you’re doing is always a bonus point. It’s only then that you hold all the cards. So at the end of the day, you need to love what you’re doing or aiming for because that’s what motivates you and pushes you to do it. Even if you’re exhausted or generally fed up with it, you will do it because you love it.

Go with your gut

Taking risks and being fearless is of utmost important in life, and sometimes you have to go with your instincts, too. Not everyone knows everything and so sometimes, you have to trust your gut and take a risk. Sometimes the risk is worth it and sometimes it’s not, but the failure of that risk shapes you and in some ways it makes you a smarter and stronger person.

Slow and steady

There’s a stark difference between rushing to finish something and doing a good job. The latter comes from hard work and dedication, time and precision, and utmost passion for the task at hand. Effort and hard work are never wasted, and the things you put your sweat and blood into will pay off. At the time, working for something may seem hard and insignificant but it must be done. Even the smallest tasks that we believe have no value can turn out to be of the greatest importance, so take your time to get the desired result.

Getting fired isn’t the end of the world

Sometimes, for one reason or another, you get fired, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. You may have lost your job, but you can always get another one. You’re going to have to fall many times before you learn to stand up on your own, and that’s what life is about. You have to face the turmoil and the consequences and you have to face imbalance before you reach an equilibrium. Sometimes, the things that seem the worst, such as getting fired, can actually help you find yourself and achieve your dreams.

These are some of the most important words of wisdom from Anna Wintour. When she gave these pieces of advice, she was simply pointing out some of the things that helped her succeed. At the end of the day, however, it depends how each person takes the advice they get, and what they do with it. If you find a way to apply these tips to your life, they might just help you find success.