How to maintain long distance relationships in college

They always show that in movies, every since you were little – a couple that promise each other they will make it through college. But unfortunately, life is not that easy, and it can be difficult to maintain relationships, even when partners live in the same city, and even when they live in the same house. When you live far from each other, it becomes so much harder.

Long distance relationships are becoming more popular as individuals travel further from home to work, study, or due to factors beyond their control. For those who really want to make the relationship work, developing some discipline and coming up with creative ways to stay in each other’s lives can help a lot. Here are some ideas how to maintain a long-distance relationship in college.

Keep in touch

Today’s technology offers a whole bunch of ways to keep in touch. You can keep your communication flowing with phone calls, emails, texts, and video chats. You can always send pictures of your daily life, and record videos to show your partner what’s going on. Although the idea of ​​using just a cell phone to connect with your remote lover is a clear solution, many couples struggle to take full advantage of everything it has to offer. Schedule video conversations with your partner as often as you want – it will be great to see their face!

How to maintain long distance relationships in college

Try handwritten letters

Write love letters by hand on beautiful stationery. It touches the heart because it is written by your loved ones and it also shows personal effort and consideration. You can try using organic or recycled paper that is often unusual or unique in terms of coloring and texture. Writing love letters can be incredibly romantic – just ask your grandparents!

Visit whenever possible

Visit your partner at his or her school whenever you have time to see each other. Make sure you plan well in advance so you can take full advantage of your time together. If your visit falls over the weekend during the semester, try to complete your projects, papers, and assignments ahead of time so you can spend time with your partner and get school out of your mind when you visit with your significant other. Time together is time to focus on each other and build your relationship.

How to maintain long distance relationships in college

Share details about your daily life

Share some details about your experience in college – a teacher you enjoy, a class you love, cafeteria food, and the sights and sounds of your campus. Schedule a day to watch the same movie, or read the same book, and then plan to talk about it later.

By putting some of the above ideas into practice, you will go a long way to prove your commitment to the relationship. While maintaining long distance relationships in college can be a major challenge, there is no reason why they should not succeed. With real motivation and desire on both of your parts, you can come back together stronger, and with new experiences to share.