The most hilarious T-Shirt fails of all time

We’ve all seen the funny t-shirts with the slogans, the ones your dad probably loves to embarrass you in. Well sometimes those t-shirts lead to hilarious circumstances and situations that are just too funny to miss, but luckily for us, many of these moments have been documented for the world to sit back and laugh at. So please, the next time you see someone with a hilarious, ironic, or downright inept t-shirt on, take a snap and upload it for us all to enjoy!

Below are some of the funniest, strangest and most creative slogan t-shirts you are likely to see. A lot of the people wearing them have found themselves in trouble, or unfortunate situations, but they are all hilarious and surely not to be forgotten. We know that the friends of these people will not let them forget in a hurry how embarrassing the moments are and we hope you don’t forget them anytime soon either.

Often taking a lot of confidence, our shirt wearers show no shame and wear their hilarious garments with pride and with no hint of understanding the irony that the rest of us can all see. Motivational or delusional, you can be the judge. Hopefully, you can also spot the spelling and grammar errors our unfortunate fail victims missed with hilarious outcomes.

Maybe she really likes art

It would be fair to assume that the young woman in the picture loves college but maybe does not place too much importance on spelling. Or possibly she really just loves a good piece of art that is thrown together using images to make one large image – a ‘collage.’

For all we know she could be wearing this t-shirt ironically and actually has a PhD in English literature, only she truly knows what is going on here.

I hope not

Clearly, this lady is short of confidence. It takes a brave person to be so confident about their own image she should almost be celebrated – it is just a shame she appears to be trying to put the rest of us down.

Perhaps she is trying to ask us a different question, but, like the woman above had an issue spelling. She could be a personal trainer whose job it is to make people look ‘fit’ and build confidence, but that’s probably a stretch of the imagination.

Did they get the message?

Sometimes honesty is the best policy, and in this situation, it may save the woman a few awkward conversations at the bar, but it probably won’t win her any new friends.

On the other hand, it might mean she gets bought a few more drinks than she was expecting and she is just cutting out the part where she has to talk to someone first. Perhaps this is the future of going out to a bar, cutting out all conversation to focus on the important thing, drinking. Efficient.

Nearly but not quite

A look-a-like of a certain hotel magnate’s daughter, comparisons are likely to be made between this woman and Paris Hilton. Although that might be us jumping to conclusions, as she might just be a really big fan of Cameron Crowe’s 2000 comedy movie Almost Famous.

It seems that wherever this picture was taken the residents are fond of pink as even the public benches are a variation of the color. It appears the woman’s shirt is incorrect as this is her moment in the spotlight, someone should cross out the ‘almost.’

T-shirts don’t work that way

Unless we’ve missed something, touchscreen t-shirts are not a thing. More at home on an iPhone than a cotton shirt, this must be what Apple’s fans are wearing to show their support for the brand. Hopefully she hasn’t had any unwanted people coming up to her and trying to unlock it.

Perhaps she is just experimenting with new technology, and it actually does unlock her phone – we’re not sure it is the most practical solution but credit to her for being brave enough to sport it.

How long is her boyfriend away for?

You have to wonder if she slipped this t-shirt on when he went to the bar, or maybe she has been wearing it all night long. Hopefully her boyfriend doesn’t come back to find her smooching with someone else, or maybe that’s precisely what she is aiming for – her shirt does come with instructions after all.

Perhaps she doesn’t have a boyfriend, and this is a fun game for her to see how many people take her up on her offer!

The plight of a vacuum fan

How did he know his day was going to pan out so badly? Maybe he has the gift of foresight, or maybe he knew he’d done a bad thing, and it was only a matter of time before he was going to be led away by the cops.

Hopefully this incident inspires a change in his life and his wardrobe choices in the future will reflect a positive attitude. Our favorite theory is that he is a vacuum salesman who loves his work so much he bought the t-shirt.

A real bold statement

T-shirts are safer than tattoos. At least if these guys change their taste in music they can just remove their shirts instead of trying to remove a tribute tattoo, that would be costly and painful. In their defense they technically aren’t wrong, they are real, and they obviously respect Bieber.

They do look a little embarrassed at being snapped wearing those lovely pink numbers, so perhaps one for their parents to show their future partners from the photo album.


All we can say is whoops! We aren’t sure why you would get up in the morning and choose to wear this t-shirt on any given day, but even worse if you’re planning on some illegal activity. So his shirt says guilty, and he was presumably involved in some shady enterprise, that’s not a great start, but it is also bright orange.

It’s hardly the most inconspicuous color. Perhaps his t-shirt is a reflexion of his feelings, something his face seems to be agreeing with.


If we had a penny for every time we’d been called a duck, we’d only be able to take pennies and not leave any at the cash register. We hope this guy’s friend forgives him, but we are curious to know how he mistook them for a duck.

Maybe his friend is actually a goose and took great offense at the mixup. At least this person is owning up to their error and is embracing the public apology.

Well done sir

In life it is important to celebrate the big moments, that’s why it’s nice to see this guy so proud of his achievement. Jokes aside, clearly anorexia is no laughing matter, and this guy is making fun of his own somewhat different weight situation.

A tongue-in-cheek comment about his lifestyle, while a little funny, could cause offense to those who have actually suffered from an eating disorder. Hopefully he didn’t offend many people while sporting this controversial t-shirt.

Who are we to argue?

Not every ‘chick magnet’ has to be blessed with rock hard abs and a granite chin, different strokes for different folks as they say, so for all we know this guy really is a hit with the ladies.

He is actually chilling next to a lady so clearly something is working for him – there’s nothing quite like a positive mental attitude. People are attracted to confidence and clearly this guy is not lacking in that department.

A generous man

Sometimes we need a little reassurance, and thankfully this man has given all the ladies the notice that they so desperately required. Making light of his size, the man clearly has a sense of humor as well as a positive attitude – qualities many of us seek in a partner.

It is a shame the picture is so close as there may well be an orderly queue of ladies lining up behind him, we’ll never know, but we’re going to assume there is.

Anyone want a drink?

He doesn’t say what we’re supposed to drink to make his statement come true, but we’re betting it’s not milk. Cleary at a party this guy has provided handy instructions for anyone willing to test his t-shirt’s message.

While he may not be a movie hunk, we’re betting he is good fun and that counts for a lot. He has handily positioned himself next to someone chugging away, so maybe she’ll finish her drink and find out how much is enough.

You have been warned

That’s one way of clearing some space for yourself. It is likely that anyone standing behind this woman will have given her a wide berth for fear of entering a blast zone. At least she has the common decency to warn people around her that they may experience some turbulence, it’s more warning than most people give.

It’s a win-win for everyone involved, the woman gets her space, and the rest of us get to breath clean air.

Er, no thanks

We hope this is a spelling mistake otherwise we will not be following this man’s t-shirt instructions. Maybe he is a fan of public participation and wants to start a crowd song or chant, he is also asking us to make some noise after all.

Hopefully, during his day someone pointed out to him the error printed on his shirt and he found himself a different one. Or worse, someone did what his t-shirt actually says which might have left him very confused and probably a little disturbed.

Honesty is the best policy

At least he is being honest, if a little bit picky. He has got a great mustache though, so he obviously has taste – just ignore the grease stains on the front of his t-shirt. Maybe he does only date models; hopefully that does not restrict his love life too much.

There’s nothing wrong with ambition and optimism, and we commend him for his attitude and determination not to settle for what he sees as below himself. Hopefully, somewhere, there is a model that allows him to realize his dream.

Not his first time

Did they make him put this shirt on after he injured himself? Judging by his t-shirt, it seems as though this is not the guy’s first trip to the emergency room, but hopefully it will be the last time he is in for doing something dumb.

He is considerate enough to warn the rest of us about his fondness for doing crazy stuff, so at least we can steer clear anytime it looks like he might be putting himself at risk of another trip to the hospital.

Risky advice

This girl seems like she wants to cut loose from the daily grind, perhaps she’s studying too much and is desperate for a vacation. Whatever it is she is trying to escape from; hopefully she doesn’t take her own advice literally as she could end up injuring herself.

Thinking less might come in handy for a relaxing time around the pool, but we’re not sure it is always the best way to keep on top of your grades at school, fingers crossed she finds a balance that works for her.

Mouse hunter

This guy has chosen a risky outfit to wear at Disneyland. Does he not know about the famous mice that live there? Or maybe he does and is wearing it to scare Mickey and Minnie into hiding. We can only guess at what his motive was for wearing the t-shirt, most likely he is a fan of electronic dance music.

We are hoping he has not hidden mouse traps around the park trying to capture a very famous mouse.

Don’t stand next to any maps

At least no one was foolish enough to be caught on camera wearing this geographically incorrect t-shirt. That is the continent of Africa and not, as the shirt claims, Asia. Whoever designed it would likely make their geography teacher squirm in embarrassment.

It is on the sale rail, but we think this retailer should throw it away – surely no one is likely to buy this. Then again, if you went to Asia and forgot to buy the t-shirt, you could go for this and hope no one notices the error.

Not exactly a burger

So this is a fun t-shirt, it has so much wrong with it we are not surprised it has made this list. Let us start with the spelling error, “Hamberger” – close enough. The picture is not of a hamburger, you can clearly see it’s a box of fries, so we are wondering what the designer of this t-shirt had in mind.

We need to know if they are talking about fries or burgers! “I feel happiness when I eat a him,” it’s just the icing on this metaphorical fast-food cake.

Dad joke alert

This man wants us all to look at his hilarious t-shirt, it is bright pink and has a dad joke written on it most of our fathers would be proud of. “Don’t laugh, it’s your girlfriend’s shirt,” isn’t really the most original joke in the world.

It’s funny in this situation because you’d expect this shirt to be worn by a frat boy but the man is considerably older than your average college student. Well played sir, well played.

I’m cool, really, I am

Clearly, this dude is down with the kids and their new fancy lingo. Living the swag life isn’t easy, but this dude lives it to the max – in the mall food court. You only live once, and this guy is embracing his life.

Who says you should dress your age, we live in an open and accepting time so this guy is entitled to dress like a teenager as much as he likes. We are wondering if he has gone with some skinny jeans to complete the look.

Living life on the edge

Sometimes you have to laugh at the irony of a situation. Take this guy and his ‘Think safety’ shirt. Is he really thinking about safety? Not likely. It looks like he’s one sharp tap of the pickup’s brakes away from hitting the road.

At least his colleague who appears to be wearing the same shirt had the sense to sit inside the cab, where the seatbelts are. Possibly he stepped in dog poop and was forced to sit outside on the ride home.

Trust me, I’m a hustler

Hustling was once considered a negative behavior to exhibit. Pretending to be bad at something to bait someone into betting big money, only to reveal that you’re amazing when the cash is on the table is just deception.

Nowadays hustling means working hard, and we hope that is the kind of hustling this woman is referring to. Otherwise, if she plans on conning someone her day could end with a pair of handcuffs around her wrists.

How to make friends

Most of us grew out of relieving ourselves in swimming pools way before adulthood, not this guy though. He is clearly very proud of the fact that he still taints our pools with his excess body fluid. Wearing this t-shirt at an over-crowded pool is a sure-fire method to keep people out of your way.

It is not the shirt to wear if you’re trying to make any new friends during your vacation, you might find yourself playing Marco Polo all by yourself.

What are you waiting for?

He clearly hasn’t found ‘the one’ yet, and he probably won’t with that attitude. Perhaps a little modesty would go a long way for this man. Being single won’t automatically entitle you to a queue of people lining up to date you so it would probably be better to wear a shirt with a less risqué slogan on it.

Having said that, maybe this t-shirt will attract exactly the sort of partner he is looking for and his dating woes will be over.

Beautiful timing

This guy lives life on the edge, not thinking more than a few seconds ahead of time. He must have a million fun stories to tell. It probably did seem like a good idea at the time, but the beauty of hindsight is that we know, of course, it was not.

At least it looks like the boat can be recovered, so it’s not a total failure; hopefully, in the future he will listen to that little voice in his head telling him not to do something crazy.

Telling it like it is

Often people wear their hearts on their sleeves, but their flatulence on their chest? That’s a little much, maybe he should see someone about his problem. Sure, he probably looks at home on the gas station forecourt, but if he wears his shirt anywhere else people will have to question his choice of clothing.

At least he’ll always have space in a crowd, and hopefully no one lights any naked flames near him, just in case.

Punk never dies

‘Wassup’ just evokes memories (for those of us old enough to remember anyway), the annoying craze that arose from the comedy film Scary Movie. We like this grandpa’s rebel attitude though as he has no time for haters, which is really cool, even if his clothing style is a little outdated.

It would be great to see him out and about with his grandchildren because we are wondering if they would share our appreciation of their grandad’s style or not.


While the pop siblings Hanson clearly borrowed their look from Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, we’re pretty sure they never managed to become a part of one of the biggest rock bands of the ’90s. This t-shirt suggests otherwise.

Maybe Hanson were the biggest influence on the founding members of Nirvana and we just never knew. It’s a mash of musical genres we aren’t sure either group would appreciate, and we aren’t sure the world would ever be ready for it either.

But officer, you’re my best friend

This is one of those mistakes you make and your friends never let you live down. It is likely the cameraman taking this mug shot had a grin on their face, along with the police officer that brought him in.

We aren’t sure the cops would have been too sympathetic to this man’s cause when they showed up and he likely pleaded not to be taken away in cuffs. If he breaks the law again, then he should think twice about his choice of ‘funny’ t-shirt before leaving the house.

I’m with her

What a cute couple, we are hopeful that if the elderly gentleman ever loses Rita, some member of the public will be a hero and step up to reunite them. Rita seems like an independent woman who doesn’t need help if she loses track of her partner; hopefully, her partner never has to find out if he is as capable on his own.

If Rita goes for a walk on her own, then her shirt will act as an excellent conversation starter.

He’s not wrong

It is an interesting theory, hopefully not one the man has come to by attempting to kidnap anyone himself. Equally as horrifying to think about is that he is the victim of an attempted kidnapping but was too heavy to tuck away in the trunk of a car.

It is hard to ignore the truth in the statement though; clearly, if something is heavier and bulkier it will be more difficult to move. Hopefully a would-be kidnapper doesn’t see his t-shirt as a challenge.

Hi, bye

Being brave doesn’t always mean doing something smart. The man is brave for wearing a crop top anyway, but particularly at his age and with the message on it he may look back with some regret.

Although he is clearly having a great time so maybe he’ll look back with good memories, assuming he can remember being there in the first place. Where is the hater he seems so intent on greeting and dismissing? Maybe they took one look at his shirt and ran off.

I don’t know where home is, but I’m going

Clearly, the wearer of this amusing top is a fan of a drink or two. We have to wonder, though, if they will even know how to get home if they are in as bad a state as their t-shirt suggests.

Also, it’s the middle of the day so it might not be the most appropriate outfit. Maybe this is just a new way to hail a taxi, no need for waving or talking, just drive me home, please.

Thanks for sharing

A classic case of oversharing. Do we really want, or need to know this, or picture it for that matter? This looks like a bit of truck driver humor, there’s a truck dumping a load if you take a closer look.

Even with the joking around, not many people out and about want to have the image of this guy or anyone, sat on the toilet so maybe think about saving this shirt for one to only wear around the house.

That moment you stop caring

This woman understands life, she really does. She has reached a certain age and doesn’t care what she says or what people think about her. A real free spirit. The best thing about this shirt is how bright the color is, considering how bleak the message is.

It is a risky strategy wearing this shirt because people might be less inclined to give her a helping hand should she need it, not that we think she does.

Nice to meet you little piggy

Of the meat-eaters among us who doesn’t like bacon? Surely not many, if any at all. The sad thing about this picture is the longing look the bacon-loving man is giving the little piglet.

The sweet little piglet might just change this guy’s bacon-loving diet because of how cute it is, but come on, bacon is so good that it probably won’t. It’s not like the little one can read what his shirt says – we hope it can’t anyway!

Catch me if you can

This man is a team player. He knows how hard it is to run a long distance race and instead of keeping that information to himself he found a t-shirt that helps to motivate runners slower than he is.

He most likely is older than you, and diabetic but he is showing people that there’s no such thing as ‘can’t.’ So if you’re behind him, you have no excuse for not trying to dig deep and get past him.

You look familiar

Is that you Daisy? We thought you left years ago, what are doing back here? It looks as though this cow at the zoo sees a familiar face, and it’s not the young child’s.

We don’t know if the kid loves cows and wore this shirt to show their support to the bovine animals or whether this is just a happy coincidence, but we are thankful that it happened and someone was there to capture the moment.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Attractiveness is subjective, so it’s strange to see this woman quantify how hot she is – apparently 20% more than all of us. At least she does not lack any confidence, but it seems she has a little too much of it and a bit of modesty wouldn’t hurt.

The t-shirt seems to have a typo though, they spelled ‘angry’ wrong. It looks as though this picture was taken sneakily so we can understand why she appears less than impressed.

Comes as advertised

This man knows his strength, it’s his strength! He is not shy in admitting he might not be too smart, but he is camping, and most of the time a strong person comes in very handy at a campsite, so it was smart to bring him along.

We know the first person to turn to if we need any help chopping firewood or carrying the water, it’ll be this guy (as long as he doesn’t mind).

Naughty, not nice

As far as mug shot pictures go, this is a memorable one, the t-shirt says it all. Well, it says 98% of it all anyway. We’re sure the 2% angel had nothing to do with this ladies criminal behavior, and it was all the naughty’s fault.

The police must really enjoy bringing criminals into the station when they provide everyone at their desks with a good laugh. Hopefully, the woman has mended her ways, and her shirt now reads 100% angel.

You look thinner

We hope he took a deep breath before putting that shirt on because he might struggle to take another. Unfortunately, his face is telling us that he could do with a bit more air.

If only giant hands were more readily available to squeeze our waists smaller, it beats going to the gym that’s for sure. Possibly he just ate too much food and wanted the world to know how he feels on the inside.

Attention is still attention, right?

Ever struggled to get a word in edgeways? Following this woman’s advice could be just the solution required to getting yourself heard more. Unfortunately, it might result in more questions about your hygiene and lack of social etiquette, but at least people will pay attention to you.

It’s probably not the outfit to wear if you’re trying to make a positive impression on someone, or one to wear when going out in public at all really.

I love grammar

Ignoring the poor grammar, this seems to be a shirt that would be more fitting if a child were wearing it. At least then it would have an innocence about it. This guy wearing this shirt almost seems like he is boasting about leaving someone behind in Thailand that gave their heart to him.

It looks as like he is having a good time, so we’re sure the poor grammar on his shirt won’t spoil his mood when he has a closer look at it.

He tells it like it is

Sometimes it takes obscene language to get your point across. This guy clearly likes to speak his mind and doesn’t care who he offends in the process. Another person who has reached a certain age and can get away with saying whatever they want, this man has lost his inhibitions and is proud of it.

It’s probably better to give him a wide berth instead of getting in his way and becoming the object of his wrath.

Does he?

Hopefully, someone translates this message for this woman, then she can see that while she is trying to be confrontational, she has ended up looking a bit foolish.

It looks as though she is trying to steal people’s boyfriends through the well-known seduction technique of misspelled t-shirt slogans – we wonder what her success rate is. Your boyfriend won’t be going anywhere, but will probably have a laugh with you as you both read this message.

Almost as good as the real thing

Who is this shirt aimed at? Those who believe in God will surely be offended, and atheists won’t care what God is doing. Is he just God’s receptionist or is he trying to imply that he is on the same level as God?

Only he knows the answer to this. It is a brave pick-up line, and surely it doesn’t work, perhaps next time this man should try a more subtle approach to avoid insulting anyone who is religious.

Meetings are lame

She has a point you know. Perhaps she isn’t ready to give up drinking just yet, but she probably woke up in the cell with a mega hangover which led her uttering those famous words, I’m never drinking again.

We’d never drink again if it led to us being locked up, so maybe this will be a wake-up call for her. This shot is yet another example of the police finding lawbreakers intent to make on to the mugshot hall of fame – or shame.

I’m in the FBI, honest

We don’t think this guy could have used his t-shirt to talk himself out of getting arrested, no matter how much he tried to convince the police he is a member of the FBI. Unless we’re severely mistaken, the FBI hasn’t taken to solely inspecting females.

Of course, pretending to be an officer would only have increased his chances of serving time in jail, as it’s illegal to impersonate an officer. We think this shirt was his attempt at humor and the officers probably didn’t hold it against him.