Tall girl once called ‘giraffe’ now says she’s the ‘leggiest’ woman in America

Tall girl once called ‘giraffe’ now says she’s the ‘leggiest’ woman in America

Growing up is tough regardless, with so much to learn and figure out, not to mention trying to fit in. Holly Burt understands this all too well, as she towered over her schoolmates from a very young age. Despite being bullied for her height, she’s taking the world by storm.

Emerging victorious

Holly Burt, like everyone else, can’t control how tall she is or how long her legs are. However, that didn’t stop her from being picked on when she was a kid. It wasn’t something she could escape from.

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However, she has come a long way since then. The 20-year-old student has found that since moving to New York, her life has improved. Not to mention she reckons she’s aiming to take top spot for the world’s longest legs.

It wasn’t easy growing up

Holly stands at 6ft 5ins tall at 20 years old. However, when she was a kid, she grew at an extraordinary rate. When she was in 2nd grade, she actually stood taller than her teacher at the time. That wasn’t something that other kids would ignore.

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Holly struggled with being called all kinds of names throughout school. She always towered above her classmates who would call her names such as ‘daddy longlegs’, ‘tree’, or ‘giraffe’. Taunting like this can really affect children’s confidence, especially when they are so young.

Loving life

Despite the fact she struggled back when she was in middle school, her legs are working for her now, and she’s taking her body back. Too many people know what it’s like to feel self-conscious and worry about what other people think.

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Well, Holly has learned to love her body and is showing the people who taunted her in school that their insults haven’t stopped the world from seeing her legs as amazing. After all, she’s aiming to be a world record holder.

Her height generates a spotlight

However, there is one thing that Holly can’t get away from: the spotlight. Whether it was negative attention in school, or positive attention now wherever she goes, she always seems to have the focus on her.

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Thankfully, now that she’s no longer the product of insults, and is instead admired for her unique height and legs, it’s the kind of attention she quite likes. She has undergone numerous interviews with people who have been intrigued to know who it is going for the crown.

Holly is the youngest…and tallest

It’s no wonder that Holly is so tall, as her entire family seem to be made up of particularly tall people. Her mom is 6ft 1in, while her father is two inches taller. Her older sister grew up to be 6ft tall, but Holly has surpassed everyone, growing to be 6ft 5ins.

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Out of the rest of her family, she still remains the tallest, despite being the youngest of them all. When she was only 12 years old, she had already reached 6ft tall.

Making it work

Holly knew that there were some massive advantages to being super tall. She could play a number of sports with an enormous advantage over other kids in her class. She decided she was going to play sports like basketball. She also played soccer for a decade.

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Everyone wanted her on their team because they knew she could swing any matches for them, and Holly was only too happy to join in. It made her feel good to make good use of her height.

The world wants a piece of Holly

Wherever Holly goes, people’s jaws drop. She has had a lot of attention from people, walking into bars or clubs and seeing people clearly interested in talking to her. It’s not the kind of thing she was used to living with in Florida.

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In fact, it seemed as if everything changed when she moved to New York. She discovered a world of people who don’t look her up and down because they think she’s ‘too’ tall, but because they think her legs are amazing. Now, all we need to know is whether she takes the top spot for the longest legs.

Holly still faces everyday challenges

Just because Holly is receiving positive attention now that she has moved to New York City, it doesn’t mean that her life is now easy. In fact, her height means she still struggles with a number of everyday issues because of how long her legs are.

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Getting into average-sized cars is super challenging, especially as she towers so far above them. Finding legroom on an airplane is tough for anyone, but practically impossible for Holly. She loves her legs, but the world around her doesn’t seem to be built for them.

The worst ride of her life

When Holly was on a date with a guy, he happened to own a Mini Cooper, which was probably a sign it wasn’t going to work out. She had to sit in the Mini all the way to Florida, and considering she struggles in regular vehicles, it’s no wonder it was a painful experience.

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Holly describes it as the worst ride of her life, so we’re just glad she doesn’t have to do that again. Next time, she might do better dating someone with a bigger vehicle. Anyone for a limo?

Imagine Holly in heels

While people’s jaws might drop at Holly’s height anyway, you can imagine what they look like when they see her in high heels. Holly explains that she often doesn’t wear heels, although she’s not afraid to whip them out for a special occasion.

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After all, just because she’s tall doesn’t mean she doesn’t love wearing glamorous heels and feeling like a glam model. While we might be able to dream, Holly’s hoping to turn that dream into a reality.

Holly’s dating rule

For most averaged size people, it can still be a matter of chance whether or not you fall in love with someone who is taller than you. After all, Holly isn’t the only tall woman on the planet. However, it seems she’s hard-pushed finding someone taller than her, so she has this one rule.

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Holly doesn’t date men who are under 6ft 3in tall. While some might think this rule limits her chances of finding someone, it’s done nothing of the sort.

Her love-life has improved

In fact, her rule works. We doubt she goes up to a guy and measures his height, but if she sees a guy who is as tall or taller than her, then she will take the reigns. Holly won’t leave anything to fate and is happy to head on over and start chatting with a guy taller than her.

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It seems that since she has grown older, instead of being teased for her height, more people find it endearing. Especially guys who particularly find long legs attractive.

Focusing on her studies

While she is pursuing her claim as the woman with the longest legs, this New Yorker is now looking at expanding her horizons. After all the problems her legs have caused her, she is now looking to them for her future.

Instagram: @hollyburt

Despite focusing on her studies and developing her skills in design, she is also hoping to get into modeling again. She has already done some in the past, but would like to take it further, knowing her legs would be an asset in the business.

The showdown

In a hilarious statement, Holly explains how she’s up for a leg showdown with the current record holder. Housten woman Lauren Williams is the current record holder for the world’s longest legs, standing at 6ft 4in, but when it comes to leg size, do they compare?

The showdown

It turns out that Williams’ legs are 49in long, whereas Holly’s legs beat that by a mere 0.5in. Holly is sure it’s a competition she can win, and plans to go ahead with her ‘showdown’.

Raking in opportunities

It seems that Holly is already receiving opportunities and offers from all over the place. She has been offered two roles on TV as herself, presenting on various television shows. However, she keeps her plans on the down-low as some of these things have not yet been released.

Instagram: @hollyburt

Although, she does have her own page on IMDB. Thank you, legs! Now that Holly views her legs as an asset, she also seems to be super active on social media, posting all kinds of things about her life.

Loving those comparisons

One of the coolest things about being super tall is being able to take those hilarious pictures with your extra short friends. Not to mention strangers in the street who also want to take a snap with her.

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Check out this comparison, for example. It shows just how varied we all are and how shape and size can never be standardized. It’s actually something Holly talks about in one of her interviews. Do you know how difficult it is getting clothes to fit tall women? Don’t even ask.

Handing out tall-girl tips

Not everyone can stick it out at average height, and the world doesn’t always see to deliver for varied body sizes. Holly gives out some tips that she says complement her style and her legs.

Instagram: @hollyburt

According to Holly, the best thing she wears is skinny jeans and booties; they’re her best friends and work so well on her. It also totally depends on what you’re going for, whether you’re embracing your height, or trying to keep things low key.

She does have a few pet peeves though

Naturally, she receives a lot of attention, so it makes sense that, sometimes, it might be more annoying than it is anything else. Despite generally enjoying the attention she receives, Holly does have a few pet peeves.

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She gets fed up with people telling her what she ‘should’ be doing with herself just because she’s tall. She’s a graphic design student and loves what she does, but that doesn’t actually mean she should play basketball, watch her head, or date an NBA player.

No records broken here

While it seemed that Holly was on her way to breaking some serious records with her legs, unfortunately, both Holly and record-holder Lauren Williams were blown out of the water by someone else entirely.

Instagram: @hollyburt

While it seemed that Holly was on the verge of taking the top spot, another woman came out of the woodwork and into the spotlight. She was claiming that she actually had the world’s longest legs, but who was she and where is she from?

No room for error

The mystery woman had to be checked by a number of independent professionals before it was confirmed. A seamstress and a doctor both measured the woman’s legs and determined that she did, in fact, have the longest female legs in the world.

Instagram: @ekaterina_lisina15

Her name is Ekaterina Lisina, and she comes from Russia. The former record holder had a measurement of 49in, Holly’s were 49.5, but Ekaterina’s legs were measured at an incredible 52in. The record had been blown out of the water.

It’s in the genes

Unsurprisingly, it seems that it comes from a filtering of tall genes down the family line. Ekaterina’s mom is 6ft 1in, while her father stands at 6ft 5in. With her long legs, Ekaterina stands at 6ft 9in tall.

It’s in the genes

This record-holder was actually a professional basketball player and played for Russia in Beijing in 2008. Now, she has a career in modeling, which she loves and enjoys. There seems to be a theme here. She also holds the record for the tallest professional model.

It’s still pretty awesome

Despite not being the record holder, Holly has still had a complete turnaround and life transformation. Instead of being taunted and teased, she has people who are aghast with awe at her height and love her legs for how long they are.

Instagram: @hollyburt

It’s nice to see someone who is now pleased with their body and is taking as many opportunities as possible to flaunt it. Her legs may have been the cause of jibs and jibes, but she’s now an internet sensation.

Not letting it get to her

Holly could have let those bullies’ words get to her and break her confidence in herself. Instead, she brushed it off and got on with it. Not everyone can do that, in fact it takes a certain kind of person to be able to ignore the taunts of a bully.

Instagram: @hollyburt

It’s somewhere between luck and resilience that Holly has managed to make it this far. She figured out that her legs were actually an asset to her, rather than something to be mocked.

Taking it to the next level

Now, Holly is perfectly happy wearing anything she wants. When she was a kid, she would wear plain jeans and a shirt. Often, this would mask how tall she was, as she was still young and growing. However, as an adult, things can be a little tougher.

Instagram: @hollyburt

Thankfully, this wasn’t an issue for Holly, who now is more than happy to don smaller articles of clothing to wear out. Nothing will stop Holly from wearing hot pants these days.

Loving the attention

When someone has an attribute that stands out, they may try to hide it away for fear of standing out or being different. This could be because, when we’re younger, a lot of us are told we need to fit in. However, as we grow up, it makes more and more sense to flaunt those differences.

Instagram: @hollyburt

Holly absolutely loves the attention and is happy to help make that happen. She claims that moving to New York was one of the best decisions she could have made.

A small price to pay

While Holly might struggle finding jeans that fit the length of her legs, it’s a small price to pay for her unique physique. Thankfully, Holly is being recognized worldwide for her difference, but in a positive way. It’s a good way of getting herself recognized and into the modeling world.

Instagram: @hollyburt

After all, the amount of attention Holly gets when she is in heels is enough for any modeling agency to turn their head. Not everyone is cut out for the modeling industry, but standing out is a great start.

No dreams smashed here

While Holly didn’t quite make it to the world record, she did make her mark along the way. Besides, she doesn’t need a world record stamp to make her any more successful. In the meantime, she is going to be working on her future and enjoying the attention she gets.

Instagram: @hollyburt

It’s also a positive mark considering that, when she was at school, she was bullied and taunted for the way she looked. What a way to make a comeback.