This passenger saw a U.S. military officer flying coach and decided to thank her for her service by giving up his seat

Familiar flying struggle

It is great that the world is easier to explore thanks to more affordable and frequent flights, but there is still a big struggle involved with flying. We can be stuck in the airport for what feels like days at a time, shuffling from the security line to another in the departure lounge. It doesn’t matter if you’re tired of standing in line or not, there’s more to come as you get to the gate. Once you get through the airport and onto the plane there’s another problem, everyone is crammed into the aircraft like sardines in a can.

Sometimes you’re stuck on a plane for up to half a day, and it definitely feels at least that long every time you fly! One military officer knew the struggle of flying all too well as they were making their way back home, but that didn’t make the journey any easier. Instead of settling into the flight, this military personnel had someone come along and ask them to leave their seat for an unbelievable reason.

[post_page_title]Familiar flying struggle[/post_page_title]

Some airlines like to board any military personnel flying with them early as a mark of respect for the jobs they do. Members of the Armed Forces are often welcomed onto American flights along with first class passengers, allowing them to avoid crowds of people cramming onboard.

Familiar flying struggle

One military woman had found her seat on the plane and began to settle in for the long haul as everyone else boarded. Unfortunately it wasn’t long before another passenger came along and disturbed her.

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