What happened to family dinners and why we should bring them back

Family dinners used to be a good and relaxing nightly occurrence, with the whole family coming together to enjoy a meal, but they seem to have disappeared. A decade ago, we used to have fun filled family dinners to look forward to, so where have they gone? Instead of sitting down at the table with the whole family, people tend to grab a quick meal on the go, while taking care of business or sending messages to friends on their smartphones. This may seem practical and efficient, but these younger generations are missing out on one of the most important aspects of family life as they stare into their phone screens.

We are simply not having family dinners like we did in the past. Gone are the days when we used to celebrate family dinners; sitting around the table with waves of laughter, the sound of plates clinking, the chattering of the little ones, and above all, conversation and sharing among family members. What happened to this tradition? Are they just fantasy tales that we can share with children? This shouldn’t be the case. There is a lot to be gained from family dinners, and our children should experience the same happiness that we had when we were kids.

The introduction of smartphones

Unfortunately, many people have replaced their dinner time companions with something new: their smartphone. These devices have managed to take away all kinds of face-to-face communication between people. Many people eat while using their phone instead of chatting with the people around them. The dining table is just a platform for people to keep their phones on while eating. Nothing much is discussed during dinner, and all we can hear are the silly sounds that come when someone receives a message. Is this how family dinners should be?

The value of communication

People should learn to understand the value of in-person communication. Families are bonded with love, but when there is no communication or sharing, the entire thing vanishes. People begin to distance themselves from one another. Now, family members tend to avoid any kind of direct communication with one another, preferring to talk via text message.

This doesn’t make any sense. Why should you live in the same house with these people when you prefer communicating with them through your phone? This seems to be the direction in which society is headed.

Family dinners

If we want to change this alarming trend, family is the best place to start, and family dinners can pave the way. By revisiting our dinners of the past, sharing jokes, laughing heartily, and above all, sharing love, we can bring family closer together again. This is much needed in the present day.

This is the right time to make family dinners work again. Get rid of all of the differences in opinion, and leave out your ego, for it is time to share, talk, and love. Celebrate your family dinners with the whole clan, and bring back those lovely moments that were missed all these years.