How to improve your to-do list

Todo lists can be a brilliant tool to help you record all the work you need to do and what you’ve already accomplished. For some people making lists is the best part of any project. But that can be part of the problem, making the list is a whole lot easier than actually cracking on with the task at hand. Not being able to tick off all your to do list is one of the worst feelings ever. So here are some tips to up your to do list game and improve your productivity at the same time.

Make your list at home

We’re all guilty of making lists in weird places, like the back of receipts, old napkins, random sticky notes. But this is not a good move. This little bits and pieces of paper can easily get lost in your glove box, down the back of the sofa or in your jeans that are spinning round the washing machine. Have a place where your to do lists always live – the notes in your phone for example. This way you can always keep track and stay on target.

How to improve your to-do list


One of the worst things you can do, and one of the things I can guarantee that everyone does, is make a new to do list every time inspiration strikes and by the end of the week you accidentally end up with about 10 small lists that you can’t keep track of. The issue here is you won’t look at all these different lists and so all your best laid plans are for nothing. Keep all your ideas together (giving your to do list a home helps with this) and your productivity will almost certainly be boosted.


Not all your tasks that need to be done are related or can be done on the same timescale so it can often help to put them in groups so you can understand what you’re asking of yourself and why. You may have groups for home tasks and work tasks or maybe short term tasks that can be finished in a day and long term activities that will involve more work. Whatever system works best for you and your plans.

How to improve your to-do list

Record your progress

Sometimes the things you put on your list involve lots of different steps rather than one straightforward task. When you go through your list, think about the things that will be necessary to get the job done and then make a note of them. This way you can tick them off and you know that you are still working on what you need to do even if you can’t tick the activity straight off. It helps to keep you motivated and on top of what you’re doing.

Be realistic

Having a massive list and putting pressure on yourself to get it all done as quickly as possible is not a good feeling. Be realistic with your lists – you can’t be in eight places at once and you shouldn’t feel like a failure at the end of the day even though you’ve worked hard. Not only that, but you can easily get overwhelmed so you don’t even get around to the simpler tasks you could have done. Don’t set yourself up for failure.

Hopefully by using these simple tips, you will be able to make your lists better and see your productivity increase. Eventually these will become a habit and you’ll be your best self!