Not knowing what you want in life by 25 is okay – here’s why

Let’s be honest, 25 is a weird age. You’re halfway to 50, but you were only a teenager a few years ago – so where do you fit in? Are you an adult? Are you a child? Most of the time, you have absolutely no clue, so you look to others your age around you for guidance. Yet, things get even more complicated when you do that. Half of these friends are married and have had children, while the other half are still wearing hoodies every single day with Soulja Boy Tell’Em as their ringtone. With so much pressure, it’s hard to know where you’re going and what you’re working towards. But don’t worry, because not knowing what you want in life by 25 is OK and here’s why…

You’re still a young grasshopper

Although you might be having a quarter-life crisis about the fact that you have already lived a quarter of your life, you need to realize that actually – you’re still a young grasshopper! Sure, you may be 25 years old, but you’ve only really just come into adulthood. You have time to make mistakes, you have time to progress in your career, and you have time to make your dreams come true. Yes, we are being cheesy, because we all need a little bit of cheese in our lives sometimes.

Nobody else has a plan

When you look around you, it probably seems as though everyone you know and love has got their lives completely together, and they know exactly where they’re going in their lives. Wanna know something? They don’t! The whole point of adulting is that none of us have any idea how it’s going to pan out. We were simply winging the whole thing and see where we end up. So, rather than comparing your life to other people, just focus on winging your own life and enjoying the ride.

You don’t have too many responsibilities

Okay, so you may have your rent to pay, you may have work to do, and you might even have student loans to pay off – but in reality, you don’t have as many responsibilities as other people in the world. Especially those who are older than you. Yep, just think about your parents right now. They have kids to look after, they might have parents to look after, they have a mortgage to pay off, and they might even have a business to maintain. Count yourself lucky!

Every day is a school day

You know what they say, every day is a school day – and the best part of being 25 years old is that you’re old enough to understand when you do things wrong and when you do things right, and you learn new things about yourself and the world every single day. What could be better than that? This is your time to learn what life is all about and what makes you happy so you can carry on doing the things you love as you grow old and gray.

You’re making memories

With no responsibilities under your belt, this is your time to shine, baby. Your 20s is a time to explore the world, meet new people, fall in love, fall out of love, go skinny dipping in the rain, and other silly things that will form lasting memories for the rest of your life. In fact, make it your mission to create stories that you can later tell your grandkids. Believe us, you’ll look back and thank yourself for taking a chance, and your grandkids will thank you for making them cringe profusely.

If you’re currently 25 years old and struggling to find meaning on what good ol’ life throws at you, don’t worry – you still have loads of time to figure it all out! Enjoy your youth, make memories, and take advantage of all of the good we have in the world.