pretty things you can make for your best friend

Your BFF is probably one of the most important people in your life, right? It could be time to show them how much they mean. However, it’s easy – and expensive – to head to the store. We’re talking about pretty things you can make for your best friend that add that perfect personal touch.

A candy jar

We’re not talking about any old candy jar. Oh no, we mean a fully color-coordinated, themed, and thoroughly glitter jar that is sure to knock their socks off. You can go as bright or as plain as you like while you choose your best friends favorite sweet treats. All you need to do is find a clean glass jar, and add on some ribbons and glitter to give it that extra pop. the best bit? They will then have a jar to store all those future memories you make together.

A friendship scrapbook

Many of us love keeping all those old movie ticket stubs or other pieces of memories from times gone by. A scrapbook is a perfect way to bring your creativity to life as you fill the pages with bright pictures and additions to add a new story on each page. To top it off, you can print off several photos of your time together as you relive the wonderful times you have shared. It’s sure to be a gift your best friend will love as they see just how far you have both come over the years.

A BFF bucket list

Have you got somewhere you have always wanted to travel? Maybe there’s an extreme sport you’ve always wanted to try? Life is no fun on your own, so why not give them all a go with your best friend? That’s right; this list can be prettied up all you like with colored markers and stickers as think of all the future memories yet to come. Plus, now you’ll have someone by your side as you get to enjoy the fun side of life.

Photo cards

Social media is a great place to share all of our memories with our friends. However, these snaps don’t have to be confined to the internet anymore. Turning them into DIY cards is one way to show your friend you really care. However, if you want a grander gesture then have you thought about turning them into a collage? You could create one giant photo, turn them into the letters of both of your names, or even hang them from balloons and fill your best friend’s room. Whatever the choice, we’re sure your best friend will appreciate all the effort you have gone to choosing the perfect snaps of you both.

We don’t have to spend a fortune to show our BFF that we care. In fact, these pretty things you can make for your best friend just go to prove how we can combine our love for our bestie with the thought of a gift. It’s the perfect solution.