Best luggage types for different vacations

Visiting new places is always exciting. Although spontaneous trips are amazing, we usually plan our vacations in advance. Part of this planning should be deciding on the right type of luggage for the chosen destination. We’ve done the research and taken the hard part off your shoulders. In this article, we highlight which luggage types work best for various types of holiday destinations.

The beach

Sun, sand, tropical fruit and perfect island vibes. To some, this is the ultimate relaxation getaway. Generally, the beach is the destination here and there won’t be much moving around with the luggage. Fortunately, medium-sized luggage will suffice as summer clothes are not bulky and flip flops don’t require much space. Make use of the hotel beach towels instead of packing your own. No need for a massive hardcover bag. A medium-sized soft cover bag with wheels will be your perfect travel companion on this vacay.

The snow

Did somebody say ski trip? A trip to the snowy mountain tops just screams fun! Although we don’t advise for luggage to be rolled around in the snow, it’s always good to be prepared. The last thing you want is a chance of soggy clothes, so invest in some decent waterproof luggage for this trip. It must also be a fair size to accommodate bulky clothing and a thick ski jacket, but not too big that it becomes a struggle to move it around.

Best luggage types for different vacations

The wild

Any time we are living in the great outdoors, pack as lightly as possible. You only need the essentials. This sort of trip requires a backpack that is lightweight, waterproof and versatile with different compartments. It’s better if the internal divisions can also be waterproof to separate wet or soiled items from the rest. For hiking trips, the backpack should have extra support straps and a built-in suspension structure for extra back support.

The city

Not all holidays are about relaxation or adrenaline. Some are all about sight-seeing and even about shopping! A sightseeing trip will require smaller, tough, lightweight luggage that is easy to carry and move around with you. A medium-sized hardcover with wheels if staying for significant time periods at each stop, or a sturdy backpack if constantly on the move. If the trip is all about shopping, bring along a bigger bag, and make sure you leave loads of space to fill up during the trip.

Best luggage types for different vacations



The road

A road trip can be one of the best and most fun experiences. Especially when the company consists of a couple of really good friends. Sharing the car means sharing the luggage compartment space. Be courteous and don’t take up too much space with bulky luggage. A small square wheelie bag is ideal, or even a soft carry duffel bag. Take only the essentials and do laundry along the way.


The developments in luggage technology over the years has been astounding. Wherever we’re going and whatever we’re doing, there is a perfect luggage companion out there. Humans love to have souvenirs of the places we go to, so always pack your bags 80% full before you embark on the journey.

Quick tip: Go bright and bold with colors and patterns. These are always easier to pick out from a group of other bags.