Swimming with flamingos on Aruba Island in the Caribbean

Why is it that people enjoy swimming with animals in their natural habitat? Some say that it creates a deeper connection with nature and can even be a spiritual experience. Some say they do it out of sheer curiosity. Some do it for the adrenaline rush. Whatever the reason, swimming with animals in their natural habitat can be quite an exhilarating experience and no doubt produce some cool photos to share with friends and family.

So maybe you’ve tried swimming with the dolphins, or even deep-sea diving, but Aruba island of the Caribbean offers a uniquely different experience – swimming with flamingos.

A little bit about flamingos…

Flamingos are a rather unique species of bird that like to hang around temperate climates such as those found in Africa and South America. These peculiar creatures spend most of the day wading around in shallow waters where they pick at fish and other small water creatures. You might find them standing about on one leg, a strange behavior that no one seems to understand except the flamingos themselves. If they’re not in the water, they’re flying off to another location as part of their migration. Luckily for visitors of Aruba, the flamingos are present all year round.


There are a few species of flamingo in the world, and the one found in Aruba is the American flamingo (although many people actually call it the Caribbean flamingo). It stands about 50 to 60 inches tall, but not to worry, these birds are generally friendly and non-aggressive.

Swimming with flamingos on Aruba Island in the Caribbean

A little bit about the Caribbean…

So what makes the Caribbean a great place for visitors and flamingos alike to hang around in? Well, for one, it could be the great weather and vast breathtaking beaches or it could be the abundance of wildlife to see there. Both of these reasons make the Caribbean a great holiday destination, and swimming with the flamingos in Aruba is the perfect place to see both wildlife and the beaches.


So what does it involve?

To swim with flamingos, visitors need to stay at or visit the Renaissance Hotel, which takes only 30 guests per day but for a reasonable price. The beach where the flamingos hang out is privately owned by the hotel but is open to all of its guests to mingle with these feathery fellows. From there it’s just like any other beach trip.

There aren’t too many rules and regulations with regard to the beach except that children are only allowed to visit between 9 am and 10 am. It’s also generally expected for visitors to just be courteous to these timid birds and to keep the beach clean.

Swimming with flamingos on Aruba Island in the Caribbean


Planning the trip

The private beach and the hotel are located near the airport and are only accessible by boat. The beach can be visited with a day pass but only if the hotel is not fully booked. Sales for the day pass begin the day before, so watch the website carefully. Otherwise, if you want a guaranteed moment with the flamingos you have to be a guest of the hotel. The best time to visit the beach is said to be in April and May.


If you love fun in the sun or just hanging out in nature, then this is definitely something you could enjoy. If you’re terrified of birds, maybe this is not the trip for you – or maybe it could give you just the exposure you need!