Travel easier with these airport tips

Some people find flying to be incredibly exciting and others find it incredibly daunting. Either way, the airport experience can be difficult and unpleasant if you don’t prepare adequately. Nowadays airports come with strict regulations and a long list of processes and procedures. So try these airport tips to make your traveling experience less stressful.

Dress comfortably

Everyone wants to look their best, but this should not be at the expense of comfort. Make sure to wear fairly loose-fitting clothes and pay careful attention to wear shoes that are not too tight. On long flights, the last thing you want to have is constricting attire or shoes that reduce circulation to your feet. Also, remember that airplanes can get quite cold so be sure to bring a warm top and even a scarf if necessary.

Take a photo of your luggage bag

After you’ve packed, make sure to take a photo of your luggage bag. This helps if your luggage is lost or stolen so that security personnel can get a detailed description and distribute the information efficiently. It might also help in the very unusual situation that you forget what your luggage bag looks like.

Weigh your bags at home

Another essential after you’ve packed is to weigh your bags at home. This can be done on a normal bathroom scale. This helps to prevent the shock of overweight baggage charges and an airport scramble to move things to your carry-on. If your luggage weighs more than expected you also have the opportunity to reevaluate and leave some possibly unnecessary things at home.

Put a colorful ribbon on your luggage

This age-old trick helps you to identify your luggage quickly and prevent other passengers from accidentally picking up your bag. To be extra sure, you can add multiple colors in case someone else decides to use this trick. These days there are also traceable tags that you can purchase to increase the security of your possessions.

Use your carry-on wisely

The carry-on is an under-appreciated travel tool. In it you can pack essential items like an empty water bottle, some dry snacks, a portable charger, and your valuables. Also, be sure to pack essential toiletries like a toothbrush and toothpaste as well as a change of clothes in case your luggage is diverted or stolen.

Take a plastic bag

Some travel gurus suggest bringing a plastic bag in case you need to bring on some extra items. Airport security will assume that you bought some things in duty-free and may allow the extra items on. Plastic bags are also useful in a variety of situations like storing wet items of clothing.

Take a photo of your parking space

You’d be surprised how easy it is to forget your parking space when you’ve been away for a few days or weeks. Make sure to include the parking bay numbers in your picture.

Go left at security

Interestingly enough, some studies suggest that the majority of people join the line on the right when going through security. You can use this knowledge to make your waiting time much smaller and go to the left.

Relax at an empty gate during layovers

If you’ve got quite a long layover the best place to relax is at an empty gate. It’s quiet and peaceful and there should be plenty of seating available. Just make sure to set an alarm for your flight in case you fall asleep.