29 Instagram queens you should meet

In this day and age, when you pop open your laptop, or smartphone, or whatever mobile device the kids are using these days, there are certain common routines many people tend to go through. Sometimes the tendency is to scroll through Facebook, but for those that aren’t interested in reading the constant influx of bumbled jargon they might find in their typical newsfeed, many folks like to log onto Instagram.

And why do we log onto Instagram? One of the reasons we do it is so that we can post pictures of ourselves and show our friends, family, and other various followers what we are up to at the present moment. But on the flip side, there are multitudes of other Instagram accounts owned by people from all over the world that are available for us to check out as well. And with the advent of this new concept, some people have begun to garner mass followings on their pages – and many of them are some of the coolest, quirkiest, and most dazzlingly beautiful young women you’ve ever seen in your life.

Bob Dylan was not joking when he said that the times they were a-changing, and this ironically timeless statement was as relevant then as it is now, what with many of these young women using their Instagram accounts as tools to further their career. Indeed, some of them have become so popular that companies and brands from all of over the world have approached them with legitimate job offers to advertise their products.

But what is it about these vivacious ladies that allows them to gather such high levels of popularity, solely through their social media accounts? Because if you think it just has to do with their looks, you may be a bit surprised when you get to reading about some of their lifestyles. One of them, Barbara Rodiles from Spain, is actually a talented drummer – and another, Karlie Kloss, is not only a Victoria Secret model but also a technology whiz. But it’s more than just that…

Many of these girls are attractive in the conventional sense, but it’s in fact the genuinely bright personalities in their pictures that shines through most prominently. We have made it our business to find girls that smile like their lives depend on it, and laugh like they can’t help themselves. Because while it may be easy to find women who are beautiful – it’s a lot harder to find women you fall in love with at first glance.
[post_page_title]Amanda Cerny (@amandacerny)[/post_page_title]

The headline on her Instagram page is that she is the queen of her own fantasy, and a daily dose of happiness for all of her viewers. She isn’t wrong with her own self-assessment, considering the fact that Amanda Cerny started getting worldwide recognition when she would make hilarious six second videos on Vine. This popularity eventually stemmed to her Instagram page, and she later took her quirky chops with her onto comedy films such as Deported and The Bet.

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