7 Amazon Indulgences After the Kids Go to Bed

Who doesn’t like pampering themselves a little? Especially those busy moms who seek some quiet moments after their kids are off to bed.

Fantastic moms are up with their kids all day, every day, juggling cooking, driving, school, and everything else that is thrown at them. No wonder, therefore, that they seek private time at home. These much needed rejuvenating moments help them attain peace, so they can face the next day. We have found some awesome products that will help all you busy moms relax.

1. The Righteous Butter body butter 

Why we love it: This is a skin hydrating body moisturizer with a rich, luxurious feel. It has rosehip seed oil and shea butter with the benefit of added vitamin E. 

Reassuring review: “This is one of the best lotions I have ever used. I tend to get dry skin, especially in the winter, so I am always moisturizing. Most lotions are thin and do not really stay around long enough to make my skin soft, so this was a nice change. It goes on thick, but does not feel greasy, and it gets absorbed into the skin. My skin feels soft, smells good, and the effects last for most of the day. The fragrance is nice. It smells of rose, with a slight hint of almond, combined with patchouli. So it is not a strong smell, but very pleasant. I’ve noticed that my knees and elbows, which usually get very dry, are very soft now. For anyone who works in the food medical industry and who washes their hands often, this product is worth it. It’s helped make my dry skin smooth. Shea butter, cacao seed butter, rosehip oil, along with Vitamin E make this product effective. My daughter just got a new job as a nurse and I’ll get her some of this. One of my favorite things about this lotion is the texture. It is not too heavy as it is a whipped texture, and feels velvety to the touch – and even better to the skin. Would definitely recommend this. It is worth every penny!”

Get it from Amazon for [$18.50]

2. Affirmation cards for women 

Why we love it: These cards have inspirational thoughts on them. Rest assured that these beautiful, intelligently written messages will uplift you. 

Reassuring review: “These cards came to me as a present in a beautiful gift basket. They came with some other relaxing things, like some toiletry items, massage oil, and candles. While I used the other things first, I kind of wondered about the cards. I am not the most religious person but I am spiritual. When I opened them up about a month later, I noticed immediately that they were very well-made. The box is very attractive and the cards have gorgeous edging around them. They are made with quality stock paper. Then, I saw the messages. They are self affirming, positive messages. It, quite honestly, made me smile. I carried that inspiration throughout my day, and well into the week. I did appreciate the fact that the messages, albeit not religious, did raise my spirits. We recently had a death in our family and I feel these helped me move on. There are three dozen cards in the box, so very easily they can last throughout the month. Sometimes I would close my eyes and randomly pick one, and that would be the best part of my day. I could see how the message related to my life. These make a fantastic gift, especially when given to someone who might be going through a challenging time.“ 

Get it from Amazon for [$19.95]

3. Badger sore muscle rub 

Why we love it: This certified organic muscle rub salve is all natural. It’s very effective, spreads evenly, and smells pleasant. It’s a perfect fix for a muscle strain. 

Reassuring review: “I am very familiar with the whole line of Badger products. They have different products in their line, all of which are organic and smell great. I am fairly sure I have used most of them. Their sore joint rub is good, as is their foot balm. I like the fact these products are never tested on animals. They’re made from the best ingredients. The sore muscle rub has been great. I try to work out several days a week in addition to my job, which is very physical. Occasionally in the evening I feel muscle strain in my arms so this is great for relieving that pain. It goes on evenly and warms up just a little bit. I can feel the cayenne gently working, and the warmth of the ginger. I have been a staunch advocate of using anything natural before I have to use a pain pill, and this often prevents me from having to take a muscle relaxant. This balm also has beeswax, sage, olive oil, castor oil, marjoram, and rosehip extract, in addition to the ginger and cayenne. It goes on smoothly and is something that is definitely a staple in my medicine cabinet. I’d recommend this to anyone who has a rigorous schedule or who participates in sports. It’s been wonderful for me.” 

Get it from Amazon for [$15.78]

4. Essential oil set 

Why we love it: This set of six therapeutic oils makes a great gift for any busy person. They can use these wonderful oils for bathing, massaging, or diffusing. 

Reassuring review: “I got my first set actually as a gift for my daughter. When she moved out to go to college, she took the set with her, and I selfishly wanted her to leave them! I ended up getting another set just so I could have it around the house. Also, the scents reminded me of her. It comes in six fragrances: jasmine, geranium, chamomile, rose, lavender, and neroli, which is like an orange blossom. They are all good. I have used them in several different ways, which includes putting it in my bath, using it in warm fragrance diffusers, and I have even mixed it with my soy candles. Mixing it with a candle is amazing because it combines perfectly with whatever scent the candle is, and makes the fragrance last longer. They are great for diffusing before company comes, and they leave a pleasant scent in the air. It is not at all overpowering. My favorite is the lavender, but I like the rose as well. Apparently, the oils can be used on the skin for massage, but I have not yet tried that. My daughter has, and says that a carrier oil, like coconut oil, is needed, which would prevent any skin irritation. This makes a super nice gift, especially for housewarming.”

Get it from Amazon for [$14.95]

5. Healing crystal candle 

Why we love it: This three-wick soy candle contains crystals for healing. It’s ideal for meditating, reading, relaxing, or even to aid in balancing the chakras. 

Reassuring review: “Okay, let me first say this: I love candles and have bought my share of them in the past. This candle stands way above the rest, because of two things. First off, the smell is amazing. This candle smells like a blend of amber and sandalwood. It is a perfect scent, in my opinion. The second thing is that this candle has huge crystals in it. I didn’t think they would be that big, but they really are a nice size. The candle is sitting in my bathroom now, and it helps me relax at night. Sometimes when I get ready for work I’ll light it when I have extra time. It really helps, especially if I am nervous about a meeting or an upcoming project. There are different ones, for different signs of the zodiac. They all cater to the personality traits of people born under their signs. I am actually an Aries, but I do want to try the other candles, mainly because I am curious about the scent difference. The soy candle means it burns cleaner, is natural, and it has a long burning time. It is a fairly large sized candle, and I think this would make a creative gift.”

Get it from Amazon for [$34.95]

6. Bath pillow for the tub 

Why we love it: The super soft, luxurious bath pillow will help any busy woman have a calm and rewarding experience while taking a bath.

Reassuring review: “My daughter gave me this bath pillow from Select Soma. It has been a great gift! Very thoughtful. She and her two brothers do tend to sap up my energy fairly often and I think this was her way of telling me “thank you.” I’m so happy I have this. The bath pillow is comfortable, so soft, and it doesn’t get cold. One of the best things about the cushion is that it doesn’t move. It has suction cups on the back which keep it right in place. I literally could fall asleep in the tub when I use this. The mesh material makes it easy to dry – and fast. Also it has hooks on it so you can hang it up. It goes right in the washer (in my garment bag) on the delicate cycle and then it hangs dry. We have moved since she got the bath pillow for me. I went from having the standard oval tub to a round Jacuzzi type tub. It fits just fine in both. It comes with a little sponge, which I find quite handy when I’m applying liquid soap. This makes a great present for the holidays or a baby or bridal shower. This was one of the best gifts I have gotten from my daughter. I know when she is a mom, she’ll get a soft and luxurious bath cushion from me!”

Get it from Amazon for [$39.99]

7. Viebeauti shower steamers 

Why we love it: Make your shower an aromatic and therapeutic treatment. These easy-to-use shower tabs act effervescently in the shower to take stress away. 

Reassuring review: “I bought these shower steaming tablets for a friend. She said they smelled so good and made her feel so wonderful that I wanted to try them for myself. I went ahead and ordered them again, for me this time, and the product came quickly. I set out to try them. The six scents which it comes in smell amazing! I popped in the citrus grapefruit first. It was completely energizing. It made me wake up and feel refreshed. The smell lingered in my bathroom for a little while after my shower, which I appreciated. I’ll try the eucalyptus next. The smell of eucalyptus is always therapeutic. That will probably help open up the sinuses. I noticed that it tends to work better when you run hot water first, then turn it down to the appropriate temperature for your shower. It made my shower much more enjoyable. I wish I had heard of these before last year. There is no slippery film left once they’re dissolved. The packaging it comes in is very attractive so it makes a beautiful gift. My daughter is in kindergarten this year and I’m going to give it to her teacher for her teacher appreciation day! It’s so relaxing.”

Get it from Amazon for [$19.99]

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