Why you should shop at second-hand stores

We all love shopping, right? Of course we do! There’s nothing better than finding a brand new item (or ten) to add to your closet, so you can wow your friends, your family, and those random strangers you pass on the street with your style and your outfit. But where do you buy your clothes from? Most people either buy their clothes from their local mall or online because they know that these items are almost always new and in trend. However, if you’re looking to mix things up a bit, this is why you should shop at second-hand stores.

You can pick up a bargain

How much money do you spend on clothing each month? There’s a high chance that you spend a small fortune, because women, on average, will spend between $150 and $400 on clothing every single month. This is a huge amount of money when you think about it, and it’s not exactly necessary. If you choose to shop at second-hand stores, you can pick up a bargain and sometimes buy ten items for the price of one in a department store. Because these items are second hand, the prices are slashed. This doesn’t mean they’re smelly or not fashionable, though.

Why you should shop at second-hand stores

You can find some hidden gems

Most of the clothing that can be found in second-hand stores have been donated by people in the local area. They have gone through their closets, they’ve picked out the things they no longer wear, and they have decided to give them away for someone else to enjoy. So what if the person who donated the clothing was a fond lover of designer clothing? You can often find some hidden gems in second-hand stores, and you may even find vintage clothing that is still in pristine condition. You wouldn’t find items like that in your local mall.

You’re giving clothes a new life

In today’s day and age, most people rely on fast fashion to deck out their closets. They buy from major companies that have stores across the globe, and they keep up with the trends. Yet, when those items go out of fashion, they are chucked out and taken to the landfill site. These landfill sites are getting larger and larger every single year and are having an adverse effect on our environment. So, why not donate these clothes to a second-hand store instead? When someone else (like you) buys from these second-hand stores, you are giving clothes a new life, rather than sending them to the landfill.

Why you should shop at second-hand stores

You can be original

When you buy from second-hand stores, you are buying clothes that can’t be found in the mall. This means that you can be original and unique, and not have an awkward encounter where you walk past someone wearing the exact same outfit. Because these items of clothing are normally much older and sometimes vintage, it really gives you a chance to play with your style.

Looking to shop somewhere new? Ditch the mall and choose the second-hand store.

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