How to make nail polish color last longer

It goes without a doubt that nail polish gives our fingers a pretty cool and wow look. But then, the problem comes when the polish begins to flake in a day or two. Several factors contribute to the chipping of the nail polish on fingers; washing, eating, typing, bathing, etc. It is the wish of every woman out there to have fine-looking fingers that she can display and flaunt each day, but often the nail polish gets ruined. You can reverse this situation with absolute ease, though. Read these tips and tricks on how to make nail polish last longer.

How to make nail polish color last longer

Paint short nails

Painting short nails is probably the first necessity for making a manicure chip-free and long-lasting. Your fingers go through a ton of action such as typing, bathing, eating, and much more. Cutting nails short is the number-one approach to protecting color. Many nail professionals suggest that nail tips get weaker and vulnerable to splitting after trimming, which is reasonable. Anecdotally, nail color seems to stay longer if it is applied soon after cutting the nails. Just ensure that you gently file the nails in a single direction.

Allow adequate time to dry

Dings and smudges amid the dry period can end up ruining all the hard work you invested into your at-home manicure. Make sure the nails have dried enough before engaging in various household tasks. You can tell whether the nails are completely dry by making your polished nails face each other and gently touching them together. If you notice that your nails feel a little bit tacky when you pull them apart, they probably still require more dry time. On the other hand, if nails do not stick to each other then you know they are thoroughly dry, and you are good to go.

Avoid soaking your nails

Try not to soak your nails in water, whether at home or the nail salon. Your nails can absorb water and expand in shape. After the water evaporates, your nails will contract thus causing cracking and chipping of the polish.

Opt for thinner strokes

Packing on too-thick nail polish is tempting. You better go for thinner strokes because too-thick polish can easily peel off and shorten the life of your precious manicure. Get thinner strokes –  just adequate polish on the brush, and avoid overloading your nails.

How to make nail polish color last longer


Maintaining is the most significant aspect that helps to extend the life of a manicure. Unfortunately, many busy moms may not have time to manage their polish. Keep cuticles by moisturizing them at least once a day. Also, protect your nail polish from time to time by adding a top coat so that your color can last longer. Tell your family members that you wouldn’t wish to chip your manicure so they can excuse you all housework for a few days. It will help prevent chipping and prolong shine. Steer clear of hand sanitizer Stay away from any hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizers contain alcohol that can dry out your fingernails and polish, consequently leaving them dull and easy to chip. If possible, use a mild hand soap and lukewarm water instead.

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