23 incredible inventions you’ll only find in Japan

The Japanese are renowned for their amazing inventions and advancements in technology over the last few decades. This country has been a huge part of the digital revolution since the 20th century, always coming up with new inventions in the electronics and even robotics industries. Japan was the country that invented Blu-Ray, DVDs, video cameras, digital cameras, CDs, Walkmans, karaoke, electronic calculators, QR codes, and (most importantly) instant ramen noodles. If you travel to Tokyo, you won’t be able to take a step without seeing some innovative Japanese concept or device. And you can be sure that in no time, this invention will take the rest of the world by storm; their many inventions have already changed the world. Can you imagine your life without… electronic calculators? Check out this list of brand new Japanese inventions – they will soon reach the western hemisphere and, sure enough, will become essential in everyone’s lives.

Without the inventions of Japan, it’s likely many of us would still be living in the dark ages. They’re also pretty far forward when it comes to their robotics, with new androids being built almost daily. DER 01, the world’s first Android, was developed by The Intelligent Robotics Lab – a Japanese research group – and is known as an Actroid as it’s so similar to humans. Creepy.

When i-Robot eventually comes true, we’ll probably be able to thank the Japanese for that, too. Although hopefully, we’re still a long way away from Artificial Intelligence. We hope. However, the inventors in Japan are not just known for advancing the digital revolution; there are plenty of other jaw-dropping inventions they’ve come up with, too. Some are downright wacky and useless, and others will completely change your life for the better. We’re not talking about the weird ear enhancers or the mobile toilet paper holder that both made their way into memes over the years.

We mean serious, life-changing stuff (most of it). So, take a journey with us into the inner workings of a Japanese inventor’s mind. From smart toilet systems through to umbrella ties and fake hand choppers (which are all more useful than you think), let us take a look at some of the most mind-blowing, sometimes hilarious, inventions you will only ever find in Japan. Prepare to want to move over there, pronto.

[post_page_title]Burger napkins[/post_page_title]

No one likes eating food in public (well, most of us don’t) and we all cringe when we get food down the chin on the bus. However, the Japanese have come up with a pretty special invention that stops that from happening… The burger napkin. The picture of the mouth will make it look like you’re simply smiling, when in fact you’re filling your face with meat and bread. Then you can wipe off all that mustard from around your face when you’re done, too. Winner!

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